The Junior Christian Service Project: Declassified

Sydney Missigman, Faith in Action Editor

One of Xavier’s most notable legacies for the junior class is their completion of the Christian Service Project. This service requirement is presented at the end of sophomore year to incoming juniors. These students must complete 50 hours of service by the end of their junior academic year or they will not receive a diploma. Mrs. Gina Iker, the project’s moderator and Theology III teacher, knows all the ropes to organizing such a large task. She is the creator of the Christian Service Project Canvas page and facilitator for any questions regarding the requirements.

This tradition of helping the community truly embodies the Xavier motto, “Women of faith pursuing excellence.” Juniors learn to love serving through all of their time spent with others. By the end of this job, Gators come to learn that service is not a useless undertaking, but a meaningful mission.

Xpress interviewed a few juniors to ask them how they plan to complete their hours for this project.