Combatting the common cold: tips and tricks

Avoiding harmful germs is easy with these simple steps.

Abbey Alexander '19

Helen Innes, Writer

Cold season is starting to approach and with it comes absence from class, numerous nurse visits and an annoying runny nose. Preventing the common cold can be very simple if you follow these easy steps:

#1 Wash your hands. I repeat, wash your hands. Even though I sound like a drill sergeant saying this, washing your hands is the primary defense for not getting sick. No matter how tempting it is to grab your friend’s phone to zoom in on a funny picture, many germs can be transmitted from one surface to another. Make sure to wash your hands after touching someone’s phone, sharing a pencil or even opening a door handle. recommends that “running lots of water over your hands will dilute any germs and send them down the drain.”

#2 Did the waiter at Flower Child sneeze near your table? Do not fret, a squirt of alcohol-based hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes can help kill those pesky germs. However, recommends to “Keep your distance from people displaying symptoms like sneezing and coughing.” Limiting contact with ill acquaintances (and maybe even strategically placing yourself in the middle of the Dutch Bro’s line to avoid getting the sick employee) will greatly increase your chance of immunity against germs.

#3 Go to the athletic trainer’s room to fill up your Hydro Flask with some crunchy ice and cold water. Proper hydration boosts the immune system and helps fight off a cold (plus, fluids help regulate toxins, resulting in a breakout free face). Research on finds that, “dehydration can easily occur, especially if you are running a fever or vomiting.”

#4 Do not share that iced latte from Starbucks. No matter how much you would love to share with your friend(s), most likely the straw is harboring more than you think. According to, “Germs can get onto anything that goes into or on someone’s mouth and (can) be transferred to your mouth.” Is a sip from a latte more important than contracting a cold?

With these four simple tips, the common cold will not stand a chance against your effortless heath routine.