“Footprints, the Path of Your Life” leads men on a spiritual journey

Courtesy of Footprints Documentary

Sydney Missigman, Faith in Action Editor

In Mrs. Iker’s junior Theology class, students were encouraged to take part in an opportunity to see the film “Footprints, the Path of Your Life.” This movie, originally only showing in theaters for a one week, was so popular that the participating theaters decided to extend the viewing another week.

“Footprints, the Path of Your Life” is a documentary focused on a group of men from Arizona who were invited to walk along the “Way of St. James” in Northern Spain. During this pilgrimage, the men were faced with tremendous challenges and had to overcome their fears together through God.

According to junior Melissa Fedorka, the film showed the life of “a priest and a group of men that he chose to take on a 500 mile pilgrimage called El Camino de Santiago.” Most students chose to participate in this activity for a little boost of their theology grade, but many ended up actually enjoying the movie more than they expected. Fedorka said, “I went to go see this movie due to an extra credit opportunity for my theology class, but I ended up really enjoying the movie and its message.”

This film, though intense at times, was very inspiring. The men’s toughness and endurance throughout the tough trek is an example for all of us to put aside our human weakness and focus on our God-given strength. Determination, a main theme in the documentary, was one of Fedorka’s favorite parts, “The men started out only being focused on their injuries and the intense weather, but then [they started] finding themselves, enjoying their experience with the other men, and seeing the true beauty of nature and God.”