My day with Jody Jackson

Molly Kuhl '18 (left) with Jody Jackson (right).

Molly Kuhl '18 (left) with Jody Jackson (right).

Courtesy of Bruce Yeung

Courtesy of Bruce Yeung

Molly Kuhl '18 (left) with Jody Jackson (right).

Molly Kuhl, Media Editor

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This past summer I had an amazing opportunity to shadow Jody Jackson, Fox News Sports reporter, during the Arizona Cardinals Red vs. White Scrimmage. Jody Jackson is a huge figure in Arizona Sports, working as the sports reporter for the Coyotes, Diamondbacks and the Cardinals. Being able to have this experience really showed me that my future (dream) goals are something I want even more.

The one day I spent with her was long and tiring. But, it was so much fun and worth it in the end. The beginning of the day started at 12 and ended at 5. The day consisted of watching the game from the field, taking down notes of the players and what happened to them during the game. Then I helped Jody makeup interview questions while she caught up with other workers on the field and I watched everything from behind the scenes.

When I was first led to the press box, located at the top floor of the Cardinals stadium, it was incredible to see everyone who was working hard. Everyone in the room was either working on media, online articles, social media or figuring out the schedule of the upcoming games and times. I sat in the highest desk area looking down and all around me. I was in complete awe and felt truly lucky to be up there. After being in the press box for an hour, the most anticipated part of the day arrived: meeting and shadowing with Jody Jackson.

Leaving the press box and riding the elevator down to the field to meet Jody was a scary but exciting journey. I stepped out of the elevator, introduced myself and walked onto the field. After I got my media pass (which made me feel very professional), we watched the scrimmage from the field and took notes. Throughout the whole game, Jody helped me by giving me important tips and information on what I need to do to someday get to where she is. It was so helpful hearing all of her tips and watching what she does. It made me fall in the love with sports broadcasting and football even more. Jody said something that stuck out to me, “You hear this a lot but the most important thing is making sure you get behind the camera and on the microphone every opportunity you get.”  Hearing this from Jody as well as a few other news and radio people on the field made me realize how important this was.

Xavier is a place that gives its students so many opportunities that prepare them for college and beyond. As part of the broadcast journalism class, I have had so many opportunities behind the camera and microphone that have helped me greatly with my future.

After watching the scrimmage and taking notes, the interview time came. Jody interviewed players she could grab off the field. Right before we left, I was introduced to a huge sports reporter with a very deep voice, Ron Wolfley. He used to play in the NFL and is a great reporter to listen to. Meeting him was the coolest thing. There were so many different news and sports stations at the field, so it was sometimes hard to get certain “big” players over to interview. However, there were a few that made their way over. Those that came over were very excited to interview with Jody. Watching the interviews was fascinating. It was so interesting to see how easily Jody could come with questions and how the interviews were so natural to her. I loved the day I got to spend with Jody Jackson from the beginning to end and will cherish those memories – and her tips – forever.

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My day with Jody Jackson