Freshmen learn the importance of friendship at Frosh Prayer Day

Madeline Warren and Sydney Missigman

Freshman prayer day has been a tradition at Xavier for many years. This year, the theme for the class of 2021’s prayer day was friendship. The goal of prayer day is to bring the members of the fresh-woman class closer together and to, hopefully, make new friends while incorporating faith into the day.

Sydney Missigman ’18
A few fresh-women gather around a tree as part of the scavenger hunt.

The day consisted of a scavenger hunt race, group discussions, talks from Fr. Kevin and Ms. Looker, group activities and Mass at the end of the day. The scavenger hunt was an energetic start to the day, as freshmen — led by their senior Eucharistic Minster leaders — ran through campus looking for items to check off their list.

Then, to slow down their heart rate and calm down for the day, the fresh-women listened to Fr. Kevin gave a talk on friendship and the important qualities in a friend. The tips given from Fr. Kevin allowed the freshmen to think of their own ideas of what they believe are essential qualities for a true friend. These were shared in the group discussions, which each freshman participated in.

To break up the talking with a little fun, Ms. Looker introduced an activity that most freshmen were skeptical of, at first. The task was to act out the appliance given to the group leader. Some groups had a ceiling fan, while others had a sewing machine or dishwasher. This bonding activity allowed the freshmen to work as a team and show off their individual qualities. Leadership, communication and organization were a few characteristics that were needed in order for the appliance-act-out to be successful.

Sydney Missigman ’18
Baby gators gather around a baby gator in the ground for the scavenger hunt.

After a few more discussions about friendship — and a whole lot of donut holes — the freshmen were led into the Chapel of Our Lady to conclude the day with Mass. As a Catholic school, Xavier stresses the importance of acting out your faith in everyday life, and this was a perfect example of that. The unitive bond the freshman experienced at Mass will hopefully travel with them during their four years at Xavier.

Freshman Mylie Markham said, “My favorite part was the appliance charades because I bonded with a lot of my classmates that I did not already know.” Every year this special day is something the freshman look forward to and it always brings the girls closer to their classmates and God.

Sydney Missigman ’18
Mr. Williams poses with a group of freshman so they can check off an item on the scavenger hunt list.