Xavier/Brophy College Fair helps students decipher their future

Sydney Missigman, Editor-in-Chief

Each year, the Xavier/Brophy College Fair brings a myriad of college representatives to college-bound XCP and BCP students. This year, there were over 120 colleges represented and hundreds of Xavier and Brophy students attended

All of the colleges are assigned a table to display their paraphernalia to attract students to their school. Xavier and Brophy students are encouraged to talk to the admissions counsellors and introduce themselves to stay on the counsellor’s radar.

Students gather in the Brophy Dutch to meet with college representatives. Sydney Missigman ’18


The majority of the crowd is upperclassmen who are faced with the daunting decision of college sooner than the lowerclassmen are. However, there are occasional freshmen go-getters who want to get ahead in the college search process.

One student who is preparing for college early is sophomore Alyssa Gonzales. She said, “I think it’s important to go to the College Fair as a sophomore because it gives you an idea of the work you need to put in to get into the college of your choice before it’s too late.”

Some students attend the College Fair to merely learn about schools they haven’t heard of before and pick up a pamphlet or two. However, other students — usually the upperclassmen looking to make their application stand out — like to have a line prepared to tell their desired school’s admission counselor. This can serve as a great way to make the representatives remember the student when it comes time to reviewing the student’s application.

A Brophy student eagerly listens to a college representative’s description of campus. Sydney Missigman ’18

Seniors Tatum Hardin and Frances Nowlen show each other what they learned about a certain university. Sydney Missigman ’18

Senior Tatum Hardin attended the College Fair and said, “Although I have a good idea of where I am going to college, it is still important to explore your options. At the College Fair, there’s an opportunity to learn a lot more about the colleges on a personal level, which can help you make an educated decision.”

No matter the motive for going to this event, it is always a great idea to start preparing for college. Whether you’re a freshman who is looking to find a hidden gem college, or a senior who is looking to drive your application home with a visit to your hopeful school’s admissions counsellor, attending the College Fair can only have a positive outcome.

Crowds of Xavier and Brophy students and parents gather in the Great Hall to explore their college options. Sydney Missigman ’18