Tek Trek 2017 teaches students the importance of technology

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Tek Trek 2017 teaches students the importance of technology

Holly Ngo, Class Writer

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In its second year running, the Xavier/Brophy Tek Trek was a success. Nearly thirty students from Xavier attended the trip, and almost fifteen boys from Brophy came along. The students that participated in Tek Trek visited General Motors (GM), GoDaddy and Galvanize, all technology companies that are unique in their own way.

Xavier’s Girls Have IT Day leaders, Ms. Ward and Mrs. Wyman, have also been the hosts of Tek Trek since its beginning last year. Mrs. Wyman explained Tek Trek as an “opportunity to visit local tech companies and see what the tech industry looks like.”

Students who are interested in or want to take part in STEM related activities at school have the chance to be involved in programs such as accelerated science, EPICS, robotics, IT Club, Student Tech Advisors, Girls Have IT Day and more. Xavier provides many opportunities for students to integrate technology into their lives and Tek Trek is a perfect start for students who may be considering a career in STEM.

According to Mrs. Wyman, Tek Trek is “a great way to see what the real world work environment looks like and perhaps find something inspiring and engaging.”

Mrs. Wyman discussed how she would love to see students “participate in activities that interest [them]. Until someone knows what [their] interests are, it is important to just show up and try new things.”

As an advocate for women in STEM, Mrs. Wyman reminds students that “it’s important for one to follow [their] heart. Many girls don’t know that STEM options are available to them. I see my job as helping to present opportunities and if something appeals to someone, I hope she pursues it with gusto. There are so many opportunities in STEM: scholarships, jobs, flexibility, higher compensation. It would be a shame if a girl missed out just because she didn’t know about options in STEM.”

A day at Tek Trek taught Xavier and Brophy students so much about technology. During the visit to GM at the Tek Trek, students learned the many ways that technology has made advances in car development. Go Daddy had its own twist to incorporating technology; they taught the students that technology is used in all aspects in life and is a key part to small companies that are just starting. The final Tek Trek destination was Galvanize, a learning community that provides entrepreneurs and learners with life changing opportunities for growth.

At General Motors, students toured its company, particularly looking into its advancements in regard to technology and how coding is used at their company. GM is an innovative company that works to find solutions for car companies such as Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet and Buick. Specifically, they have created a software that makes it easy for people to purchase and build cars.

GoDaddy was surprisingly a very relaxes office; they believed that a happy and fun work environment benefits the workers. GoDaddy is a sponsor of many Xavier STEM-related events, most notably Girls Have IT Day. According to GoDaddy’s website, the company works with coding and software to give people an easy, affordable way to share their ideas online.

Galvanize is a fairly new company that provides a space for entrepreneurs to produce and work on their own companies. Galvanize has nearly 1,800 members and, according to their website, “believes in making education and growth accessible to anyone – especially underrepresented groups in the tech industry.”

Junior Riley Hrasky said that her experience at Tek Trek was “a great opportunity that allowed [her] to experience the tech field and the opportunities it had to offer.” She would even  “recommend it to anyone with the slighting interest in computing or anything technology related.”

Another junior who went on the Tek Trek trip, Indigo Pinedo, expressed her thoughts, saying that it was “really different than from what [she] thought it would be, it opened up a new lens to look at the world through in the tech community and industry.” She would love to see students go on Tek Trek so that they can “open their eyes to a new community of techies that [they] wouldn’t have seen before.”

Mrs. Wyman characterizes Tek Trek as, “a terrific experience for students who think they might want to go into the tech field.  It is also interesting for other students who want to learn a little more about the working world.”

The main joy of Tek Trek was being in a group of like-minded students who all wish to incorporate technologies into their future lives. Technology has made a powerful impact on society.

If you would like to take part in Girls Have IT Day or any other STEM-related activities, see Mrs. Wyman or talk to your counselor about taking a class in Computer Programming.

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