Students are excited for the spring production: “Into the Woods”

Tatum Dial, Class Writer

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Xavier and Brophy students are ecstatic about the upcoming spring musical “Into the Woods.” The vocally challenging musical and the shorter rehearsal process has actors excited for the challenge. The technical side of the process will also be a challenge for many of the set builders and lighting designers who must use their imagination to create the perfect environment for the show. All students who are participating in the show are determined to put on a wonderful and memorable production for all who come to see.

Freshman actor, Andy Wissink, exclaimed, “What I am looking forward to the most is the environment of the Xavier theater community. Everyone is so accepting, supporting, and is full of so much love!” Wissink also described the various, well known fairy tale characters he is excited to see in the show. “There are so many unique roles in the show such as Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red, Cinderella, the Witch, and many more so it’s fun to see my friends portray these well known roles.”

“Into the Woods” is a mashup up of many different storybook characters that learn to be careful what they wish for. The characters go into the woods to find what they desire but learn the repercussions of their actions and how what they affects others. The show contains a meaningful message for people of all ages. Kids and adults will enjoy the beautiful music and entertaining storyline.

The complex music, by Stephen Sondheim, will be a learning experience for all actors involved. Junior Johnny Robaina said “I am excited because the music is so complex and it will be a challenge to figure it out.” Johnny also explained, “This is a difficult show and it will take a lot of effort to create the right resonance with audiences, so I’m looking forward to learning and growing as a performer in the way that I’ll have to in order to do the show justice.” The performances are March 1, March 2 and March 3.