Xavier and Brophy Students take the stage: XCP Annual Scholarship Fashion Show

Xavier and Brophy class of 2018 on stage at the end of the show.

Xavier and Brophy class of 2018 on stage at the end of the show.

Molly Kuhl, Media Editor

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On March 12, 2018 the annual Xavier Scholarship Fashion Show took place at the JW Marriott, Desert Ridge Ballroom. The show started with a social hour at 10:30 a.m. while all the guests arrived and then got seated. After everyone was seated, the first walk was the Parade of Activities starting at 12 p.m., where all the Xavier students walked out with flags naming the clubs they participate in. The next walk was of the Xavier alumni and some staff members who dressed up in fun costumes portraying Xavier’s 75th Anniversary. The teachers and staff were a huge hit with the audience.

Once the teachers left the stage, the Fashion Show committee with Sr. Joan Fitzgerald, Sr. Joanie Nuckols and Sr. Lynn Winsor took the stage pulling the raffle winners and announcing the scholarship winner, Xavier senior Ana Saenz who gave a very moving speech.

After the talking and raffle drawings were over, Mrs. Krystal McGrath, Xavier senior Caitie McGrath’s mother, put together a video of the seniors and did an amazing job making sure each senior was in it with their friends, classmates or teammates.

The biggest part of the show was when the Xavier and Brophy students took the stage and performed their group routines. After months of Sunday practices performing for the cast moms and peers, the seniors finally got to perform for an upbeat, spirited crowd. Each of the thirteen dances was taught by Ms. Kristina Nagaran, Xavier alumnae of 2002 and Pom Coach Taylor Van Arsdall, Xavier alumnae of 2011. Every senior truly shined on the stage with their fellow classmates.

After the dances were performed each group had to quickly rush back to the dressing rooms to put on their long dresses and tiaras while the boys put on their suits. Then everyone lined up in dance order and walked out carrying roses to give to their mom or loved one. After giving a rose to the seniors’ chosen loved one, they lined back up to walk one last time with their dance groups. Every group joined each other and came together on stage to celebrate the successful Xavier Scholarship Fashion Show.

After everything was over, seniors as well as friends and families were invited on stage to celebrate the ending of the show. The excitement by the soon to be graduated Xavier and Brophy class of 2018 lingered throughout the ballroom.

The show was overall an amazing experience, to not only watch, but to also take part in. Senior Nikki Limber said, “I was so excited to go on stage and perform in front of my friends and family knowing what I was doing was helping raise money for the Xavier Scholarship fund.” It was a long, but successful day and everyone left the venue with smiles, maybe a few tears, on their faces.

Thank you to the whole Fashion Show committee, cast moms, the Mothers guild and everyone who put in countless hours making sure this performance was spectacular. The senior class of both Xavier and Brophy students were absolutely thrilled at the end of the show and loved every minute of the performance and being on stage.

Group Thunder: Seniors Molly Kuhl, Mady Chait, Hannah Hale and Madeline Warren pre dance performance


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Xavier and Brophy Students take the stage: XCP Annual Scholarship Fashion Show