Teachers’ messages to the class of 2018

Holly Ngo '18

Holly Ngo, Class Writer

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Read some of the faculty’s favorite memories of the class of 2018.


I loved how supportive our homeroom girls were with each other…every individual achievement was recognized and cheered! I will truly miss seeing this great group of ladies every morning. – Mrs. Cahill

Thank you for all the wonderful memories I will keepsake of all my students. You truly are a wonderful and very talented group of young women. Congratulations to all of you and best wishes with your new adventures and future endeavors. May you always be blessed! Vayan con Dios!  – Miss Gutierrez

I will never forgot what a lovely group of girls that I work with this year. – Ms. Emerling

Good luck; have fun. – Mr. Mostoller

I am a dreamer and believe that tomorrow will always be a better day than today. I believe there is no substitute for hard work and this philosophy helps me to achieve my goals in life. Therefore, I encourage each young lady to follow her dreams wherever they may take her. Be passionate about life and know passion is a gift from God. Do not be afraid to take new paths or follow new directions. It is through our mistakes and failures that we grow and become strong and confident. Be a life-long learner (I think this is one of the secrets of staying young at heart). Above all, I wish you every success and good wish in life, and for you to be able to love yourself unconditionally. – Dr. King

Class of ’18, you have impressed me with your intelligence, diligence and humor for the past three years.  I am excited for your future endeavors and adventures! Congratulations! – Mrs. Seger

I’ll miss you all tons….headaches, stomach aches and all! – Mrs. Gillem

Elie Carlos is an amazing leader! She has been such a generous president of Video Club. We have a pretty rambunctious group and she is the epitome of calm and collected! She keeps everything fun and interesting. She will be missed. – Mrs. Ward

God bless you and grant you much success in the next steps in your journey. – Mr. Mercier

It has been fun sharing your college dreams and aspirations with you,.  It has been my honor and privilege to see SBJ students grow from being scared kindergartners to confident young women.  Good Luck in life! – Ms. Whalen

God Bless you ladies on your new journeys…may all your dreams come true.
Love ya mean it! – Dean Macrina

“Keep your heels, head, and standards high.” (Coco Chanel) – Ms. Nagaran


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