Senior, Abbey Alexander, launches a philanthropic photography project

Emmegale East, Connect Editor

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Xavier senior and talented photographer, Abbey Alexander has recently founded a business to combine her two greatest passions: photography and philanthropy. Her main goal is to offer her photography services to those who cannot afford the more expensive options available in Phoenix or those who wish to support the cause. By doing so, she helps the charities she loves receive the funding they desperately need.

She lovingly calls it her “passion project,” stating that, for her, taking photos is “using something I know that I can do to help others, which is a no brainer.” Abbey has reasonably priced her sessions, all under $100, in order to cater to the clients she wishes to serve. After the session over, the check is made directly to the charity of the client’s choice. This is a business platform unique to Alexander’s startup, and it is also what makes her new business touching as well as personal. Abbey has also expressed her availability for all types of photography needs- headshots, senior portraits, family photos, and more- proving her flexibility and desire to do whatever necessary to raise funds for the applicable causes.

Abbey offers three charitable options which are all dear to her heart. The three causes are Everytown, Free Arts Arizona, and The Matthew Shepard Foundation, also known as The Laramie Project. Abbey speaks highly of all three, stating that “Everytown [advocates] for gun control… something really important to me…  Free Arts Arizona [offers] art therapy for kids… it is a local charity, and I think art therapy for neglected or abused kids is a very important thing.” Abbey was inspired to choose The Matthew Shepard Foundation because of a Brophy play she took part in during her sophomore year: The Laramie Project. She comments that “it was a really interesting story, it completely changed my life, and I felt like I should give back to the story itself.”

Abbey Alexander is a talented, kind, creative individual who strives to capture the same values in her subjects with every shot. Her entrepreneurial efforts are an impressive display of the creative abilities Xavier students excel at on diverse levels. She would like to add that “if anybody is reading [this] who finds interest in the project or needs these services, please don’t hesitate!”  

Abbey’s photos are not only beautiful to look at, but the purpose behind them is beautiful too, as is the love and empathy she has for the causes in focus.

Check out the photos above to preview her work!


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