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Senior College Map

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Senior Issue

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Hey seniors!!

Click to view an interactive college map. Keep in mind, the last addition to the college map was made on April 27, 2019.

Or… if you prefer, here’s a general list of all of the seniors!

*Also, if there are any needed corrections with the list below, email us at: and we will get back to you ASAP*



Photo courtesy of Taryn Beldt ’19

Spring Hill College

Lolita Sullivan- Accounting

University of Alabama

Maddy Quintel- Nursing




Arizona Christian University

Samantha Salim- Biology

Arizona State University

Celeste Aldaco- Business Administration

Lindsay Armstrong- Business

Athziri Arzate- Political Science

Evelyn Cardona- Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry)

Angela Chambers- Justice Studies

Paola Colon- Justice Studies

Bianca Dapon- Biological Sciences (Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior), and Neuroscience

Alex Encinas- Biomedical Engineering

Brisa Footit- Business Marketing

Nichelle Garza- Finance

Fernanda Gutierrez Moreno- undecided

Felicity Hacker- Psychology

Calista Kistler- Biological Sciences

Christina LaFave- Supply Chain Management and Fashion

Sadie Linehan- undecided

Photo courtesy of Yacinta Irakoze ’19

Lindsay Neville- Elementary and Special Needs Education

Sarah Reck- Business Law

Analisa Roman- Law/Criminal Justice

Bri Simon- Political Science

Hannah Shulski- Digital Culture (Music) and Communication

Juliana Valles Flores- undecided

Barrett, the Honors College at ASU

Maria Boby- Biomedical Sciences

Marybeth Bonner- Earth and Environmental Studies

Andrea Castro- Sustainability

Keerut Chahal- Biological Sciences

Julia Crippen- Finance

Aneesa Daas- Psychology

Taylor Davis- Computer Systems Engineering

Bianca Dumlao- Biological Sciences (Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior)

Ashley Favata- Accounting

Andrea Hernandez- Global Management

Jennifer Hong- Biology (Pharmacology / Toxicology)

Janna Hynds- Biology and Early Education

Virginia Martin- Business Finance

Vianney Mancilla- Global Health

Sarah Minton- Business

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes ’19

Andrea Nazareno- Speech and Hearing Services

Zaina Padda- Biology or Biomedical Sciences

Shea Sciarappo- Electrical Engineering

Sylvia Soto- Medicinal Studies

Nika Volfson- Business

Rileigh Walsh- Psychology

Grand Canyon University

Gisselle Bojorquez- Biology Premed

Kerin Olson- Biology with a Pre-Emphasis on Physical Therapy

May Parraaguirre- Elementary Education and Special Education

Northern Arizona University

Yzabella Bilducia- Exercise Science

Lauren Lykins- Psychology

Lorelei Ramirez- Music

Megan Seliger- Psychology

Anne Wuycheck- International Affairs

Northern Arizona University, The Honors College

Karla Alvarado-Lopez- Accounting

Anika Salazar- undecided

Lindsay Smith- Math and Computer Science

Photo courtesy of Janna Hynds ’19

University of Arizona

Isabelle Aguirre- Anthropology

Bernadette Avila- Physiology

Taryn Beldt- Psychology and Criminal Justice

Lauren Beggs- undecided

Sarah Byrne- Biology

Carleigh Cabano- Criminal Justice

Sydney Dean- Pre-Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Elizabeth Erdelji- Business

Isabella Evans- International Relations

Claire Faulkner- Law

Crista Gallo- Nursing

Nina Gallo- Nursing

Izzy Gomez- Chemistry

Fernanda Gutierrez Moreno- East Asian Studies

Jacqueline Ganem- undecided

Hanna Hernandez- Business

Madelyn Hook- Communications

Hailey Infante- Biology with an emphasis on biomedical sciences

Maeve Jones- Nursing

Catherine Kempton- Business

Emma King- Psychology

Ava Koehler de Celaya- undecided

Sasha Krueger- Psychology

Cassie Kuhler- Pre Nursing

Photo courtesy of Fiona Donovan ’19

Francesca Leonard- Pre-Vet

Caroline Ludwig- Psychology

Cameron Marks- Fashion Merchandising and Business

Johnnie Mitchell- Nursing

Katie Mote Banks- Biomedical Science

Bianca Nava- Physics

Lauren Nicely- Sustainability

Cici O’Connell- Broadcast Journalism

Mariah Ohton- Biology

Kara O’Shaughnessy- Early Education

Paola Parra Canales- Criminology

Jillian Peterson- Pre-Vet

April Platt- Political Science

Makayla Ruiz- Psychology

Payton Rutkowski- Business

Ashley Sanchez- Neuroscience

Jessica Santillan- Sociology

Riley Simms- undecided

Kate Stegman- Psychology

Emma Tawney- Business

Jane Tiffany- Psychology

Danny Zachar- undecided  

University of Arizona, Honors College

Sarah Alpert- Marketing

Allie Broderick- Physiology

Photo courtesy of Janna Hynds ’19

Lauren Brown- Biology

Caroline Hyland- Computer Science

Cassandra Kuhler- Pre-nursing

Patsy Langmade- Management Information Systems




California Polytechnic University

Rachel Arabia- Comparative Ethnic Studies

Claire Fable- Communications

Karina Hawkins- Bio Resource and Agricultural Engineering

Loyola Marymount University

Carisa Aguilera-Dupnik-Sociology

Otis College of Art and Design

Regan Bioletto- Computer Animation

Pepperdine University

Keeley Benvin- Communications

Santa Clara University

Clare Carlson- Business Management

Emily Conn- Information Sciences

Natalia Hiler- Biochemistry and Bioengineering

Katie Holmes- Neuroscience and Psychology

Margaret Hull- Computer Science

Adelyn Livingston- Communications

Stanford University

Photo courtesy of Janna Hynds ’19

Emily Chiao- Computer Science

University of California Los Angeles

Tatum Dial- Communications

Maddie Dinowitz- Gender Studies

Fiona Donovan- Psychobiology

Jacqueline Haring- Neuroscience

Fiona Pan- Psychology

Megan Woodbury- Economics

University of California, Santa Barbara

Abigail Jones- Economics

Arden Smith- Economics

University of San Diego

Julia Banashak- Communications

Makynlee Blodgett-Schmidt- Psychology

Izzy Lanning- Behavioral Neuroscience and Biology

Lydia Rush- Marketing

Jordan van Winkle- Behavioral Neuroscience

Josie Venezia- Communications

University of Southern California

Gianna Beck- Computer Science, Business Administration

Katherine Katsenes- Theatre

Alexa Wear- Business


Photo courtesy of Janna Hynds ’19

University of Colorado, Boulder

Kyla Ferry- Business

Holly Otlewski- Business

Hailey Trueman- Psychology

Emma Woudenberg- undecided

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Grace Martinez- Business





District of Columbia

Catholic University of America

Kelli Rasmussen- Business Management

George Washington University

Anne Donovan- History

Misaal Irfan- International Affairs with a Concentration in Global Public Health


Florida International University

Kolbe Pierce- Business




University of Hawaii at Hilo

Katie McGee- Law

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Abby Hamad- Marine Biology

Photo courtesy of Avery Kain ’19


University of Idaho

Caitlin Johnson- Psychology


Columbia University, Chicago

Abigail de Leon- Theatre with a concentration in Directing and Acting

DePaul University Chicago

Riley Hrasky- Neuroscience and Psychology

Loyola University Chicago

Emily Phillips- Political Science and International Business


DePauw University

Bridget Kelly- Psychology and Computer Science

Indiana University

Annie Caris- Psychology

University of Notre Dame

Renee Pierson- Neuroscience and English

Ashley Yeung- Computer Science


University of Iowa

Molly Cahill- Biomedical Engineering


Benedictine College

Claudia Garcia- Biology


University of Louisville

Shannon Shields- Biology

Photo courtesy of Yacinta Irakoze ’19


Tulane University

Meade Schraff- Political Science

Natalie Vitols- Psychology

Savannah Wasson- Neuroscience and Public Health

University of New Orleans

Tristanne Dechoux- Psychology


Colby College

Chloe Simms- undecided


United States Naval Academy

Eve Worden- Political Science

Alyssa Largay- Political Science


Boston College

Katherine Thomas- Environmental Studies and Political Science

Boston University

Mackenzie Bouise- Political Science and Economics

Kate Shein- Elementary Education

Tufts University

Janelle Yarwood- Biology (Pre-Med)




College of Saint Benedict

Photo courtesy of Janna Hynds ’19

Paris Rasheed Moore- Bio-Chemistry

Saint Mary’s University

Valeria Garcia Pacheco- Criminal Justice and Political Science

University of St. Thomas

Allie Bayham- Biology


University of Mississippi

Cat Worth- Accounting






Creighton University

Karli Baker- Biology

Ashley Banaszak- Pre-Med

Miranda Chavira- Neuroscience

Katherine Donaldson- Political Science

Meg Fyan- Chemistry

Megan Gleason- Pre-Law

Haley Hoyle- Pre-Law

Maeve Lee- Physical Therapy

Photo courtesy of Bianca Dapon ’19

Janeth Arvizu Rivera- Neuroscience



New Hampshire


New Jersey


New Mexico


New York

Hofstra University

Sydney Frank- History and Fine Arts

New York University 

Indigo Pinedo- undecided

Sarah Lawrence College

Abbey Alexander- Theatre

North Carolina

Wake Forest University

Anne Erblich- Psychology and Social Work

North Dakota



College of Wooster

Hayley Nash- Architecture

The University of Dayton

Photo courtesy of Janna Hynds ’19

Grace Fioriti- Exercise Physiology


Oklahoma City University

Kristin Chua- Acting/Musical Theatre

The University of Oklahoma

Emily Miller- Business

Kate Warner- Pre-med


University of Oregon

Barbara Adelson- Media Studies

Emily Good- Interior Architecture Major and Psychology Minor


Bucknell University

Maddie Wickers- Neuroscience

DeSales University

Sarah Fox- Design and Technology (Sound Design and Audio Engineering)

Saint Joseph’s University

Anaise Luna- Criminology

University of the Arts, University of the Sciences

Loren Landrum- Fashion Marketing, Anthropology, and Psychology

Rhode Island

Providence College

Sarah Filler- Psychology

South Carolina

College of Charleston

Isabelle Culverwitt- Political Science and International Business

South Dakota



Belmont University

Daisy Nickle- Music Business

Chloe Porter- Business and Film

Vanderbilt University

Jada Sims- Medicine, Health, and Society


Baylor University

Leila Grant- Journalism

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Smith ’19

FoyMarie Johnson- Health Science Studies BSEd

Maggie McGuire- Apparel design and product development

Southern Methodist University

Morgan Gruwell- Fashion Media

Carmela Palmieri- Business

Texas Christian University

Trinity Cavanaugh- Texas Christian University

Talle Donley- Movement Science

Emily Pawluk- Pre-Law and Fashion Merchandising

Lily Tierney- Sports Broadcasting

Tessa Tierney- Interior Design

University of Texas, Austin

Emmegale East- undecided








Gonzaga University

Madeline Dines- Business

Taylor Dines- Business Administration

Avery Kain- Sociology/Psychology

Karina Smith- Psychology

Seattle University

Lindsay Hubbard- Business

University of Washington

Kylie Rodgers- Biology

Washington State University

Tatum Smiley- Psychology

West Virginia








Durham University

Mia Harrington- Law


University of St Andrews

Helen Innes- International Relations and German