Senior Last Wills & Testaments

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Senior Last Wills & Testaments

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Senior Issue

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Here are all of your Last Wills & Testaments, Seniors!

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To the XPress team next year- keep growing and absorbing every opportunity. You all are the future of Xavier and have no idea of the potential that XPress has. I will always be rooting for you guys!- Helen Innes

Photo courtesy of Maddie Dinowitz ’19

Finish strong- Ashley Favata


Helen, thank you for being the best Editor-In-Chief. You have become someone I will look up and admire. Here’s to you, I wish you the best in college! – Holly Ngo


Always here for you, no matter who you are! – Yacinta Irakoze


Good luck with the new skirt length! – FoyMarie Johnson


It gets better…..eventually – Izzy Gomez


Live your life like tech week is approaching – lol obscure musical theatre reference -Dehlani Hita


it’s the SENIOR line @undercassmen – Maeve Jones


To all my honor choir girls out there, I will miss you so much, and miss being apart of such a special choir. Also to my recent BST family, and my gatortown cabin and co-counselor, I have so much faith in you guys to continue making a difference in the community. See ya! – Chloe Simms


Happy Senior year Zoe!!! BeeBoos will miss you next year! – Sydney Dean

Photo courtesy of Tatum Dial ’19

To my sister Rachael Ferry, I love you so much and I am gonna miss seeing your beautiful face everyday. To you and your friends – Olivia, Ella, Maddy, and Faith –  enjoy your last two years here and make as many memories as possible! xoxo Kyla 🙂 – Kyla Ferry


I am so grateful for all the memories and friends I have made at Xavier that I know will last forever. -Katie McGee


Dear Jordan, I will definitely miss you next year! Make sure you find a great carpool, brace yourself for this next year, and try not to crash when you get your license! With love, Emily Chiao

Good luck with knee length skirts. – Yzabella Bilducea


Good luck with the long skirts next year:) -Clare Faulkner


Gabriela!! I’ll miss you next year G, but I can’t wait to see you do amazing things in the future! I love you, Isabela -Isabella Evans


Maggie, Lina, Sophie, and Malindi – Long live baddies, love you guys! Caroline – I’ll miss you so much! Love you! – Jane Tiffany


kate, live it up sis! i love you and can’t wait to see all you do. – Anne Erblich


Thanks XCP for everything you taught me! – Kate Shein


To the birdie baddies, I’ll miss you guys so much and I can’t wait to come back and watch you guys win state next year!!  -Maeve Lee


I leave the Xavier pigeons to Laila LoVecchio! I can’t say I’ll miss them but I’ll miss you and all of your friends<3 – Cici O’ Connell

Photo courtesy of Holly Ngo ’19


“Sarah- you have been the best choir carpool anyone could ask for!! You are so beautiful and hilarious and I’m going to miss you so much!! Love you!!

Angeles- I am going to miss seeing your beautiful face every day, because every time I see it, my day gets better. Thank you for your kindness and for simply existing. I will miss you sooo much! Love you always <3″

– Andrea Nazareno


“CLAIRE RULA/Gorbachev & KELLY SCOTT (I loved you as T-Bo but I love you more as the icon you are) don’t forget: you can take the girl out of ceramics but you can never take ceramics out of the girl. Love you both always, Emily Phillips


Maddy Skrovan, thank you for never failing to make me laugh and being the sibling I never had (and never wanted). I adore you and cannot wait to see you kill it on exec next year. I am going to miss you more than you know but I think it’s about time you get your own parking spot, I love you forever. Xoxo Emily Phillips”


I give my best wishes to Hannah, Sam, Ali, Ruby and Maddy. High school will be challenging, but keep pushing through; “don’t downgrade your dreams just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny.” Love you forever<3 -Talle Donley


Molly and Talle, we have finally made it through four seasons of high school diving and four years of high school. I will miss our early morning conversations while we finish our homework but I know we will all do great things in college. Sam thanks for being the best carpool… You have become a little sister to me and I am going to miss you so much next year! Hannah, Maddy, Ruby, and Ali I know you are all going to do amazing things next year and I can’t wait to hear about them! Gators were meant to swim and dive! – Alyssa Largay


God Bless the Xavier Cat, Patches.  So fluffy. So cute. -Ava Koehler De Celaya

Photo courtesy of Angela Chambers ’19

To my fellow senior, thanks for a rad four years – Paola Colon


I’ll give Xavier a shoutout when I win my Oscar hehe:) -Abigail De Leon


Thank you to the entire faculty and staff for being such an inspiration and excellent guides towards my future. Also, thank you Mom and Dad for all your love and support, you are the best parents ever! – Sarah Fox


“To all my volleyball girls I will love you and Xavier Volleyball forever #GDTNS

To Christianna (G) thanks for being the little sister I never had, I love you!

To Taylor you are my queen #prez” – Janelle Yarwood


To all my WYD laddies, Buenos Dias(gatorsgoham). To all my K1 laddies, Live the 4th! To my beautiful sister, I love you, never stop being quinoa <3 – Claudia Garcia


Erica, Emily, Lorelei, Ryan, Phoebe, and Jess, I will miss all of you so much and thanks for making my last year at Xavier the best one. Don’t forget to always touch the gator and listen to the Hum or Magic before matches. Love you guys! -Tristanne Dechoux


I loved meeting all the girls . who have entered my life while at Xavier, especially; Annie, Caroline, Emily, Kate, Samantha and Talle. But also my favorite girls who will do amazing things their last years here, Mackenzie Coder, Jill Crist and Katie Harris. -Katie Mote-Banks

go to every dance and sports game – Bobbie Adelson

Photo courtesy of Tatum Dial ’19

To my sister, the BEST carpool, and my coffee buddy, I could not have made it through Xavier without you, thank you for going to morning practices with me even though you sat in the car.  To Abbey and Bridget, my Lola buddies and to my friends, I love you all very much! To my team, thank you for making me the person I am today. And to Zoe and Lizzie, I have your birthday presents, you just will never get them.  – Maddie Wickers


To my favorite girls, Ali, Eden, Josie, and Grace, thank you for being the best friends I could ask for and giving me my favorite memories of high school. Next year is going to fly by so hold on tight and soak up every minute in the black box. I love you all dearly and I’m so glad I have you as my Scheme Queens! Signing off, leader <3. – Abbey Alexander


“To my cheerios,

You are all so important to me and have been my biggest supporters since day 1.  Make the most out of every year you have together on this team, it goes by way too fast.  I’m going to miss my family so much but I can’t wait to see everything you girls accomplish next year.  You all have made such an unforgettable impact on my life. I love you girls! ” -Renee Pierson


To my baby cheerios, keep the winning streak going! I love you all, you’ll always be my family. Libby & Ju, I’ll miss driving you munchkins :(. To my yearbookies, I am so proud of you all and I can’t wait to see the amazing things you do in the future! – Lily Tierney


To my #physicsbuddies, you are forever one of my greatest memories of Senior year. To Mr. Hestennes, thank you for all that you have done! – Holly Ngo


To our fav junior, Alessandra

Thanks for always making us laugh. We are going to miss you so much when you are killing it next year. It will go by so fast so make sure to make every minute count! Much love little one <3 -Natalie and Mackenzie

Photo courtesy of April Platt ’19

I hope that my group’s outside lunch spot, one which we’ve had for all four years of our time at Xavier, will provide refuge for another group the way it did for mine all throughout my time here. -Kristen Chua


“Dear Kate,

I sure will miss taking turns with you on breakfast trash duty next year!! I love you so much and am really going to miss you next year. I can’t wait to see what your last two years at Xavier have in store for you! Sista slay forever. Have fun with the car.




“Dear Emma,

I’m sure you’re happy you won’t have to listen to country music in the car next year but I feel like you were starting to like it! Make the most of your senior year with all of your friends and have the BEST time!!

I love you & I’ll miss you!

  • Allison


Tara, I’ll miss nothing more than you next year!! Don’t watch KBC without me and good luck being an only child 😉 work hard (pom AND school), have fun, and visit me a lot! I love u tunches T! – Bridget Kelly


I have made so many friends that I love and hope to have throughout the entirety of my life.

– Francesca Leonard


Photo courtesy of Bianca Dapon ’19

I am forever grateful for the last four years at Xavier, it has provided me with the environment to flourish as both a student and a person. I have met lifelong friends and I will never forget my amazing memories here. – Morgan Gruwell


I am so glad I got the opportunity to go to Xavier, I have learned so many valuable lessons and met amazing people along the way – Grace Martinez


Don’t apply to 15 colleges – Bianca Dumlao


Live life to the fullest, you only get one – Mariah Ohton


Thank you Xavier for teaching me to never give up and push through even through the hardest times. – Analisa Roman


Thank you to my friends who have supported me no matter what. You know who you are. I will miss you next year! Thank you to the Xavier/Brophy Orchestra for being my family for the past four years. I will miss you guys and the time that we spent together on our Anaheim trips, concerts in the chapel, and Christmas parties so much. Last, but not least, good luck to my junior friends who will be senior next year! I wish you all the best.  – Hannah Shulski


Mina Limber, you were the best freshman carpool and I’m going to miss you. Megan and Laila, thanks for being the best Juniors and getting food with me all the time. Have the best senior year and make it count, Xavier goes by too fast.

Thank you Celesté & Anne. I couldn’t have made it through these 4 years without y’all <3    

– Payton Rutkowski

Annie, have a fun senior year, it goes by fast! Take care of Nancy next year and please please work on your driving!! -Patsy Langmade


Just have fun – Ashley Favata

Shannon, enjoy your next two years because it will go by fast! I can’t wait for you to Bear Down with me! Love Catherine

Photo courtesy of April Platt ’19


To the Swim & Dive team: I love you all so much! Keep feeling your power, you all are amazing!  – Clare Carlson


Gators are meant to Swim and Dive!! I love you team. Thank you Clare and Mia for the best power lane. Olivia, Morgan, and Nina, I’m going to miss our ice runs. And thank you to the junior class for the pranks. Grace and Gracie, my sisters, keep having a blast. And always remember to Turn Wide, miss you Megan 🙂 – Maggie Hull


Thank you for all of the wonderful friends and memories you have given me! I will forever remember them.

Kendall Swanson, I hope you have the best senior year and I am going to miss you so incredibly much. I am one phone call a way or a 14 hour drive or a 2 hour and 5 minute flight away. I love you so much and please come visit. Love Kate


“Thank you to my dearest friends- Angela, Jackie, Helen, Lindsay, Bernadette, Eve, and Meg- who have made sitting at our table outside of Fitz so enjoyable every day! And thank you to Great Books for all the memories and discussions- it was fun spending so much time with each of you, through thick and thin.

I’m glad to have been a part of XCP- both its good and stressful parts- and I will cherish all the memories! The knowledge  gained from my amazing teachers will help me continue into the future. ” -Bianca Dapon


“Zoe- Enjoy your senior year! Even though I’ll be gone and I know you’ll be terribly sad and alone, you’re going to have so much fun!! You can always come out to New Orleans and we can get ice cream on me, since I know it will be hard buying ice cream on your own all year.

Pommies- I love you all so much and I am going to miss dancing with each and every one of you every day. I will NOT miss the full routines though lol. To my seniors, soak up everything because it goes by so quick and it really is the best year!! “

– Savannah Wasson

Photo courtesy of Tatum Dial ’19

Kaitlyn Lauck, Elyse Gifford and Katie Harris- I love you all SO much. Enjoy your last year(s) of high school like I know you will. Y’all are the best (JV forever)  -Julia Crippen

DIFMP – Paris Rasheed-Moore


Thank you to Pierian Springs, for teaching me that art inspires meaningful connections.

– Indigo Pinedo


Remember to hold on to the memories as you make them and know to always go to every event possible. And know your best friends will always be there with you to take the same ride  – Lindsay Neville


Annabelle- We adore you! Good luck next year as Editor in Chief! Come and visit us and stay in touch. You’re the coolest, and we love you so much! Love, Maddie Abbey and Emme

Thank you to Xavier for opening my eyes and helping me find some lifelong friends; I can’t wait for my sister to come next year! -Avery Kain


Dear Natalie,

I hope you have a great next two years at Xavier even though basically everyone is leaving. I’m going to miss you while I’m at U of A, who am I going to watch shows or make fun of people with? Remember I love youuuu (even though you hate me sometimes) – Isabelle Aguirre


Sew a pocket into your skirt if you don’t already have a pocket. -Abby Hamad


Cherish those last few lunches with your best friends *sheds tear* – Ashley Yeung


Don’t get run over by a zappy – Danny Zachar


Thank you to Xavier for these 4 years that have greatly affected and changed my life. I will forever be grateful for the memories I have made here.

To Maddy Skrovan, I’m going to miss you so much please visit me. – Isabella Culverwitt


I don’t think people realize how quickly highschool flies by until it’s actually over. My time here at Xavier was incomparable and amazing and i know it has shaped me into a strong, bold, and smart woman. Thank you, and stay woke. – Misaal Irfan


Mrs. Dunn’s APAH class made my year  – Andrea Castro

Photo courtesy of Tatum Dial ’19

“Jackie Hessel, Sophie Brohard, Mira Camunez, Mason Mahoney, Bella Rusy, Isabella Ordanez, Lauren Arabia, Hannah Jemsek, and Mia Scardello enjoy Bell Tower next year!!

Jordan i miss you already, have fun with Jasmine!” – Caitlin Johnston


Xavier has done me well but now it’s time to move on and experience new things! -Karla Alvarado-Lopez


Elizabeth Warren, you rock so much and I will miss you so so much. Love you lots and I can’t wait to come back and visit you<3 – Lindsay Hubbard


Xavier has proven to be such an uplifting and supportive community. I have truly become the person I am today from the education I have received and the people who have helped me achieve amazing things, and have taught me to appreciate every blessing in life. – Jacqueline Haring


I would like to thank every single person that has made me a stronger and better person at Xavier and I am so glad that I have met a numerous amount of girls that will make a change in this world and that will be in my heart throughout my life. – Hailey Infante


Mina, it has been so fun driving with you this last year. I hope you have the best 3 years. I love you and I will miss you! come visit love Catherine


Hi to everyone on cheer I love you all! Macarthy, Kalli and Andre you guys are weird but have so much fun these next 3 years (and be nice to Eliza next year). Molly, Sophie, and Kate, I love you all and RIP to the carpools. Maria and Jackie be the best leaders ever I’m so proud of you both! To sugar seniors and big dogs, I love you all and miss you all already. Thanks for the best years ever :’) – Addy Livingston


To my Vex Robotics girls!! Nicole, Simone, and Sloan, I’ll miss you!! Keep being awesome :)) – Julia Valles Flores


RFPP – Bri Simon


Hi to everyone on cheer I love you all! Macarthy, Kalli and Andre you guys are weird but have so much fun these next 3 years (and be nice to Eliza next year). Molly, Sophie, and Kate, I love you all and RIP to the carpools. Also Elizabeth you are the best coworker miss you already. Maria and Jackie be the best leaders ever I’m so proud of you both! To sugar seniors and big dogs, I love you all and miss you all already. Thanks for the best years ever :’) – Addy Livingston


Lauren and Mira – Love you both endlessly! Make the most of senior year, it goes by so quickly!! Enjoy the longer skirts  – Rachel Arabia


Wish everyone the best! – Lolita Sullivan

Photo courtesy of April Platt ’19

To Liz (BBJ) and Laila & friends- we love you!! Can’t believe you guys are on your own now. You guys are our legacy and I know you’ll all do big things! Much love  – Calista Kistler


To Sadie (my carpool), my lovely lacrosse team, and Coach Gillom 😉 – Sarah Minton


Thank you everyone for a great four years. Despite the ups and downs I made so many wonderful friends. Goodbye to my friends in the classes of 2020, 2021 and 2022!  – Evelyn Cardona


Sophie Brohard, Mira Camunez, Mason Mahoney, Hannah Jemsek, Lauren Arabia, Mia Scardello, Bella Rusy, Isabella Ordonez, and Jackie Hessel…. the bell tower is yours. Take care of her, and have a fun senior year! – Abby, Meade, Johnnie, Emme, Maddie, Caitlin, Eve, Sadie and Lindsay 


Shoutout to Liz and the Beshes I’ll miss you guys good luck with your next 2 years… you will need it!! – Emma Woudenberg


Kaitlyn: I will miss you so much next year please come visit.  Keep doing amazing things (and running) – Arden Smith


Molly and all your friends, enjoy your time at Xavier because it flies by. Make good memories you will always remember. Love you all! – Kate Stegman


You’ll make it, I promise. – Maria Boby


“Charlotte- I will miss you more than you will ever know. You brighten up each and every one of my days. I will cherish our coffee runs, lunch dates, and dinners together. You’re not getting rid of me any time soon. Love you beyond words.

Grace- Thank you for the being the best running buddy. I will miss our mornings  together beyond comparison. Keep it up Grace. Wish I were by your side for one more year. Love you so very much.

Sambam- Keep going Samuel. You make me laugh each day without fail and you are so kind, loving, and caring. Do not worry. We will continue bugging you even from across the country. Love you endlessly.

Brianna- Will we end up going to college together as well? Who knows? Stay tuned to find out. Beyond grateful that you have been by my side since you were 12. Cannot wait to see what you Senior year and far beyond that. Love you paesh.

XC Gals- Thank you for all of the memories and the morning runs. I will miss you all and good luck next season! #rfpp

New Exec Board- Cherish each and every morning with each other. They will be over before you know it. These girls will become your best friends. ” – Karli Baker


Photo courtesy of Holly Ngo ’19

My K1G1 girls ( Erin, Maddie, Isabella, Sarah, Holly, Rileigh, and Natalia) thank you for giving me one of the best experiences of my high school career.  Kairos was such a valuable experience for me and I will never forget you. You guys made the experience better than I ever could’ve imagined. My junior girls – I love you to the MOON and back:). You’re gonna kill it next year.  – Tatum Dial


Speak out honestly and openly- Loren Landrum


Three things to survive Xavier: coffee, coffee, and coffee. Also, goodbye my beautiful friends, I will miss you all so much and to my swim and dive loves, I will miss you all so much and always feel your power! – Cat Worth


Be kind to everyone you meet here. Whether or not you believe that these years will shape you for your future, your acts of kindness and generosity will always have an affect on others. I will miss all my friends dearly, you guys have truly been the best part of being here, but I can’t wait to see what you are going to do for this world! – Daisy Nickle


To all my friends (Abigail, Abby, Camille, Cara, Cat, Daisy, Julia, Keeley, Kristen, etc), thank you for all the wonderful memories, I will miss you all so much! Love you <3 -Holly Ngo


To all of my best friends (Jackie, Angela, Lindsay, Eve, Bernadette, Bianca, and more), thank you for everything. You all are the light that we need in the world, never stop shining. Never stop believing in yourselves, or questioning your abilities. I have seen you all grow into such incredible young women and I know that the future has wonderful things in store for you. Also! The blue table will never be the same without us. -Helen Innes

Photo courtesy of Jackie Haring ’19

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