Funniest and Most Embarrassing Moments of the Class of 2019

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Funniest and Most Embarrassing Moments of the Class of 2019

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Photo courtesy of Helen Innes '19

Senior Issue, Caroline Hink, and Kit Blouin

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For this year’s Senior Issue, we asked the seniors to share some of their funniest and most embarrassing moments at Xavier from the last four years. From Freshman year memories to rallies to summer school and all the way to Emma,  here’s the Class of 2019’s funniest and most embarrassing moments:

Emma Stone

  1. “Emma Stone, we are your legacy!”
  2. “When we congratulated Emma Stone on her Golden Globe nomination and wished her luck”
  3. “telling emma stone we are her legacy”

Freshman Year

  1. “Sister Lynn’s talk about how to talk to boys.”
  2. “Freshman theatre class”
  3. “Eating chicken wings in math class freshman year”
  4. “Falling down the stairs first day of freshman year”
  5. “Tripping on the ground the first day we ran in PE and rolling on the floor.”
  6. “Most embarrassing moment for me was when I played a prince in my Frosh Follies. Dressing up as a boy wasn’t as funny as I thought but rather more embarrassing.”
  7. “Funniest memory I have was when I was a freshman and made the mistake of stuffing everything into my backpack I bent down to tie my shoe and I fell back when I tried to get up. Most favorite memories come from getting ready for dances.”
  8. “Breaking my foot at the frosh-mixer”

Clumsy Moments

  1. “I fell down the stairs outside of founders when it was raining and the steps were wet.”
  2. “When I fell down the outside stairs by the tennis courts on the first day of freshman year.”
  3. “The most embarrassing moment at Xavier was when I fell UP the stairs in Fitz and then someone stepped over me. It was great.”
  4. “Falling up the stairs of fitz in the morning.”
  5. “Falling up the stairs multiple times”
  6. “Throwing up in the hall outside of the library in front of an art class.”
  7. “When I open a Tapatio packet and it squirted in my eye”


  1. “When school was cancelled because of the rain”
  2. “seeing the gators floating in the flooded grass area”
  3. “early dismissal due to rain”
  4. “the transformer blowing up. enough said.”

Extracurricular Memories

  1. “Laughing uncontrollably on the tennis court with my doubles partner Izzy Kozub”
  2. “My funniest moment was learning how to roll on Heelies during Xavier’s production of Little Mermaid.”
  3. “I think my funniest memory from Xavier was from sophomore year when I was part of the ensemble in Xavier/Brophy Theatre’s production of In the Heights. It was during one of the rehearsals when, during a big dance number, I was sort of flailing my arms around too much and I had slapped this Brophy boy’s butt by accident! But, instead of it being a completely horrible and awkward situation for the both of us, without missing a beat, he whips around and goes, “Hey there!” with the goofiest smile. Honestly, I was still pretty mortified but I can laugh about it today!”
  4. “After I made an announcement for theatre and Sister Lynn slapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was doing track”

Teacher Moments

  1. “Dr. Zuba doing cartwheels in his classroom”
  2. “Anything involving Mrs. Welty”
  3. “Mr. Wyman’s ‘bad teacher’ moments and “exciting physics demos”
  4. “watching High School Musical 3 in Mrs. Galbreath’s Great Books English class at the end of the year”

Rally Memories

  1. “Dressing up as a chicken for our sophomore rally”
  2. “Eve Loughran as the mascot”
  3. “The sisters riding in to Junior year rally on scooters wearing capes”
  4. “Losing the senior rally”
  5. “Losing our last rally to the freshmen”
  6. “When the freshmen won the last rally…”
  7. “Our last rally”
  8. “When we lost the rally to the freshmen”
  9. “My favorite funny memory from Xavier is when the freshmen class won the last rally and all the seniors thought it was a prank so the gym was silent.”
  10. “When the freshman won our last rally ever at Xavier.”

Music Memories

  1. “Performing Best Song Ever with Liz Taszarek at XChella”
  2. “Just seconds apart concert”
  3. “Leaving Homecoming early and singing Mamma Mia in the Car with My bestie Julia”
  4. “Just Seconds Apart”

Summer School

  1. “when the transformer exploded during summer school so we got out early”
  2. “Kahoot during summer school (sorry Julia)”
  3. “When the transformer exploded during gov summer school and we all got to go home”
  4. “When the transformer blew up during summer school”
  5. “When the transformer exploded during American Government and we all got released early.”
  6. “When Julia Crippen got shunned from the whole senior class for getting our Kahoot privileges taken away.”
  7. “Being able to leave Government summer school early because of the power outage.”

Funny Stories

  1. “I usually get to school at 7am to avoid traffic on the freeway. One day I got to school at 7 and fell asleep in my car. Even though I was initially early, I slept through homeroom and a little of first period. I was at school, just asleep in the parking lot.”
  2. “One time there a fake eyelash that was stuck on the wall outside founders, it remained on the wall through thunderstorms… I put it on my snapchat story and the hashtag #lashgluestrong became a hashtag and my snap chat friends from around the country were following the story of the fake eyelash that never seemed to fall off the wall. But then one day it was gone and we mourned the loss of the eyelash.”
  3. “My friend for my 16th birthday bought me the “Hindenburg balloons” I walked around campus with, mentioned on announcements sophomore year which was banned the next day.”
  4. “The first time I walked to Brophy for a class, my hair had been straightened and on point. However, on the way back to Xavier, I had not only gotten lost, but it began to rain. Because my hair curls/frizzes easily (perks of having a curl type of 4c), my hair went from being straight to really poofy and frizzy. I didn’t have a rubber band to tie my hair back, so I had to go about the rest of my day looking like I just rolled out of bed.”
  5. “Coach Van was subbing in my class and told me I didn’t need my phone since I was on my laptop and I responded I needed my phone ’emotionally’. To prove it he made me get a medical slip from my counselor saying I had a medical condition that I need my phone for emotional support. My counselor actually agreed and wrote me a carefully worded slip saying I could use my phone for Van.”
  6. “A funny yet slightly worrisome memory I have had at Xavier was when I plugged in my laptop to charge it in English Class and I accidentally blew the circuit causing my teachers computer to turn off.”
  7. “Forgetting my skirt after morning practice and going to Dean to get one. She called me a dork and gave me a skirt”
  8. “I walked in the wrong class and sat in there like I knew what I was doing. I looked around at all the weird faces looking at me and realized I had gone into the wrong room.”
  9. “Once I was in Mr. Aherns class and we look out the window and see something fly past but it was going so fast we couldn’t tell what it was. About 10 mins later we see Sister Lynn fly past on her zappy! My class bursts out laughing because we quickly realize it was her who flew past before.”

Random Moments

  1. “Running to the parking lot on Fridays will never stop giving me anxiety”
  2. “I took a bite of an onion for a Dutch Bros gift card
  3. “Putting blue cheese in Sarah’s water bottle!
  4. “When the sprinklers went on and Mackenzie was trapped on the grass”
  5. “Getting in trouble for my socks not covering my ankles”
  6. “During the taking of the Class of 2019 photo at the beginning of the year, I held up a banana.”


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