Decade Recap


Xavier College Preparatory students throughout the decade in Arizona! Photographed starting from the top left is Elizebeth Warren 20’ and Joceyln Rupp 20’, to the top right is Mia Parham 20’, in the bottom left is Danae Bravo 20’, Ariana Lopez 20’, Araceli Lopez 20’, Alissa Celaya 20’, Vica Dow 20’, Brenda Pera 20’, Triniti Cheatum 20’, Lisa Bryner 20’, Tanya Barkat 20’, and in bottom right is Megan Onofrei 20’.

Alissa Celaya, Class Writer

Over the last decade, America has achieved many great things artistically, politically, and so much more. America has developed into a different country than it was. Many changes that happened would impact and help America become what it is today. Many American citizens saw changes and different inspirations. One of these changes is the two different presidents that lead America. 

President Obama kicked off the decade as the 44th president of the United States. In 2010, his medical insurance plan named “Obamacare” was signed into law formulating its goal of increasing the number of Americans covered by health insurance while also reducing the overall cost of health care. Obama was re-elected for his second term in 2012. His wife, Michelle Obama began her journey to inspire women and girls all around the world with her speeches. Terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, responsible for the tragedy of 9/11, was killed in Pakistan by American soldiers in 2011. As Obama’s presidency came to an end, President Trump was elected into office in 2016. Trump’s biggest success thus far would be the New USMCA, a new trade agreement with our largest trading partners, Mexico and Canada.  

In this last decade, America was brought together through many tragedies and achievements. The Deep Water Horizon oil spill, located in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 would be the largest in American history. The ocean became heavily polluted, leading to many animals dying. More tragedy occurred with the Sandy Hooks shooting which was followed by 180 school shootings with around 356 direct victims. Many issues with the police force and African-Americans came to light, along with women beginning their stand regarding sexual assaults. Natural disasters, such as wildfires and hurricanes would strike, taking many people’s homes and lives. With all of this tragedy, America was able to become closer in the #metoo, Black Lives Matter movement, gun control, and climate change. These movements for change could be seen throughout the world through social media and news reports.

The decade had many influences on the Xavier community. Xavier grew into a stronger community where students and teachers feel unified. Xavier College Preparatory student, Olivia Para 20’ shared her most memorable part of the decade, “What I remember most was social media coming into society and playing a big role for the future.” 

In the past decade, social media was becoming more popular than ever. With new apps being released daily, the most popular app is Instagram. On Instagram, many trends became popular such as the “blue and black” or “white and gold” dress phenomenon. Many celebrities would reach out to their fans through social media to connect with them. Vine, an app that can record videos up to six seconds, would make teens famous overnight. After Vine shut down, Tik Tok became a very popular video platform that would record up to a minute. Tik Tok allows anyone to share a video that portrays acting, dancing, and other talents. The media connected people with many types of similar interests throughout the world. 

Fashion is always changing. The popular fashion at the time could be described as hip and different. A popular fad was the waterfall dress, a dress that is short in the front and long in the back. Another popular fashion trend among young people was to wear either grunge clothing, soft colored clothing, or y2k fashion. Grunge clothing consisted of a graphic band tee with a white striped shirt underneath and dark-colored pants with Doc Martens. Soft colored fashion is wearing light-colored clothes with mom jeans. The most popular fashion trend was y2k. Y2k was when many people wore clothing items that represented the early 2000’s fashion. For example, butterfly clips and wearing bandanas would become more popular towards the end of the decade. 

Music, a relaxing activity for all to listen to, took a turn in popular genre and artists this past decade. One of the most influential music artists of the past decade was Taylor Swift. At the 2020 Grammys, she would win women of the decade for being an inspiration to everyone through lyrics and persona. Her music would be popular among women and young girls. Taylor Swift is still adored by all her fans because she can make music that people connect with. Music throughout the decade has been able to connect people through different cultures and new sounds.  

The last decade introduced many new ideas that would impact today. America was able to work through many hard times by sticking together. Social media was able to bring people together from different ends of the world. Fashion trends were able to inspire people to come up with more fascinating ideas. Music explored the different types of sounds and lyrics that created new memories for anyone who listened. The impact of the past decade will inspire the future.