Xaviers Germany Trip 2020

Carlie Herrmann ‘20 stands in front of beautiful architectural buildings in the Netherlands, with her German exchange family. Photo Credit: Carlie Herrmann ‘20.

Carlie Herrmann ‘20 stands in front of beautiful architectural buildings in the Netherlands, with her German exchange family. Photo Credit: Carlie Herrmann ‘20.

Megan Onofrei, Photo Editor

Xavier College Preparatory offers many trips for our students to travel abroad and experience other cultures. The most popular opportunity is the German Exchange Program. Students that participate in this program travel to Aachen, Germany; as well as to some of its surrounding countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. This program is open to all Xavier students. Participants were asked to host a German student in Arizona during October of 2019 and then they traveled to Germany from Feb 13th to 23rd. It is the perfect experience for anyone that enjoys adventures, experiencing different cultures, and making strong friendships with new people! Carlie Herrmann ‘20 summed up the experience of this trip: “The German exchange trip gave me a deep insight into another culture that I couldn’t get any other way. By immersing myself into another family’s life, I learned so much about life in Germany, made lifelong friends to go back and visit, and had the experience of a lifetime. This experience was the highlight of my time at Xavier and truly changed my life for the better.”

Tori Jehle ‘20 and her German girl, Charlotte snap a picture while walking along the city street. Photo Credit: Tori Jehle ‘20.

While in Germany, Xavier students spent different days doing a variety of things. They got to experience a typical day in the life of their German student, by essentially shadowing them for a day. When the German students came to Arizona, they did the same thing, by coming to school for a day and observing the difference between the school systems in different countries. Some of the days in Germany were spent with their German families, whereas other days, the group of Xavier girls went sightseeing in their own group. Xavier girls took the initiative to complete tourist activities, such as visiting historical monuments, as well as indulging in a variety of food unique to the area! Izzy Kozub ‘20 loved the historical aspect that this trip encompassed: “The best part about the trip other than being able to meet so many new amazing people from Germany, was being able to experience a piece of history that we don’t really see in America. Every single place had a story to tell, from World War 2 all the way back to the Roman Empire.”

Tori Jehle ‘20 takes a picture with some of the other Xavier students, in front of one of the historical monuments that they visited. Photo Credit: Tori Jehle ‘20.

Carlie Herrmann ‘20 and Izzy Kozub ‘20 pose with some of their new favorite snacks. Photo Credit: Carlie Herrmann ‘20.

One of the aspects that makes the German Exchange Program unique is that each student gets to have a personalized experience with their German, who took them to enjoy a variety of cultural festivities. For example, Tori Jehle ‘20 brought her German exchange student, Charlotte, to Disneyland when she visited the United States, which is a very popular travel destination for most Americans. In the same respect, Charlotte took Tori to a “karneval”, which are cultural parties in Germany, where people dress up to a theme and enjoy dancing and each other’s company! Both of the girls were able to be fully immersed in the other’s culture through their experiences. When reflecting on the trip as a whole, Tori Jehle ‘20 says, “The German exchange trip was an amazing experience! I made so many new friends and learned so much about the German history and culture. I really enjoyed visiting all of the interesting historic buildings of Aachen, Maastricht, and more as well as building a life-long friendship with my German exchange student, Charlotte!”

Carlie Herrmann ‘20 and Izzy Kozub ‘20 take a selfie in front of one of the picturesque cathedral in the Netherlands. Photo Credit: Carlie Herrmann ‘20.

If you are interested in having an amazing experience on this trip in 2021, contact Mrs. Donaldson or Ms. Seger! Mrs. Donaldson’s email is sdonaldson@xcp.org and Ms. Seger’s email is sseger@xcp.org.