Welcoming the baby gators

Skylar Smith '18 on what it's like to be a gator guide

Skylar Smith, Sports and Fitness Editor

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Frosh Connections is one of the newest clubs at Xavier aimed to create bonds between upperclassmen and freshman. Each upperclassmen club member, or “Gator Guide”, has a few frosh assigned to them, creating a close-knit group that allows every member to get to know each other better. The club fosters these relationships by hosting sweet homeroom breakfasts and fun 8th hour activities that students from all grade levels can enjoy.

Last year, I applied to be a Gator Guide because I can personally relate to the anxiety of entering a new school for the first time. As a freshman, I knew no one who attended Xavier and had to basically start from scratch regarding a friend group. The other frosh seemed so intimidating, since many already knew each other. Likewise, upperclassmen were also scary, because they appeared almost untouchable. I thought of myself as just a little freshman, how could I ever talk to a sophomore, junior, or, dare I even think it, senior?

Luckily, I now have a great group of friends who make me laugh and truly care about me. However, I must admit that the freshman experience would have been so much easier to navigate with Gator Guides around.

I think that the Frosh Connections club and all of the Gator Guides have helped freshman feel that they are not alone and that, though upperclassmen may be older, they are just here to help with vast advice and knowledge. With Frosh Connections, freshmen are now able to bond easier with fellow peers who are in their small group and find their place in the Xavier community.




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