‘Tech Chicas’ club expands to include all minorities

Skylar Smith, Sports and Fitness Editor

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A new club focused on raising awareness and providing opportunities for minority women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields was founded at Xavier College Prep this fall.

The club, which began with a focus on Hispanic women in STEM, is a branch of Xavier’s Information Technology (IT) Club.

“It was originally called Tech Chicas, but we wanted to expand it to include all minorities, not just hispanic women,” junior Andy Muniz, the president of the club, said. The club is moderated by Mrs. Wyman, the co-chair of Xavier’s computer science department.

“Mrs. Wyman and I came up with the idea after going to a minority women in STEM conference at ASU,” Muniz said, “And I am more than happy to see it taking off. There just aren’t enough minority women, or women in general, involved in STEM.”

With only 24% of jobs in STEM held by women and one-tenth of minority women pursuing careers in STEM according to a study published by the National Science Foundation, Muniz hopes the club “will help inspire more minority women and women overall” to pursue STEM majors and careers.

The club plans to meet on the second Tuesday of every month during lunch in Mrs. Wyman’s room.

“I’m really excited for all of the upcoming meetings,” junior Claire Fleming said, “The last meeting was really fun, so I’m optimistic about the ones to come.”