Student spotlight: Misaal Irfan, the Instagram Activist

Senior Misaal Irfan started @Millenialbrown. The Instagram account focuses on current political issues.

Misaal Irfan ‘19

Senior Misaal Irfan started @Millenialbrown. The Instagram account focuses on current political issues.

Maddie Dinowitz, Campus News Editor

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Do you follow Millennial Brown on instagram? Fellow Xavier senior Misaal Irfan has created an instagram identity entitled “Millennial Brown”, which comments on political issues through a feminist lense. For only having this account for six months, Irfan has attracted nearly 200 followers, many being Xavier students. Irfan is from Pakistan, and believes that it is important to bring awareness to teens about not only her heritage, but just how vital diversity is in today’s world.

Senior Abbey Alexander says “I think @Millenialbrown is a really cool account because it reaches an audience of young teens with activism content that’s extremely important. As someone who’s interested in politics, it’s crucial that my peers are exposed to this type of information.”

Irfan’s original goal through this account was to get rid of her own preconceived notions, as well as others. She said that “Millennial Brown was out of my own acknowledgment of ignorance towards some really prominent issues in our society.” With posts ranging from voting encouragement to stories of iconic women in government, Irfan’s Instagram serves as a platform to keep us students updated on our leaders and their decisions in today’s world.

Irfan says that “it [the account] has allowed me to learn more about current events. I have been able to talk to strangers about different topics and have had discussion and even healthy debate over certain issues. I have been so surprised by the feedback: people I know and don’t know sending me information that I should post or saying how much they love the account. I was especially shocked when the candidate for AZ governor followed me. I think the future is of course expanding the audience and hopefully creating a bigger platform.”

Misaal Irfan ‘19
The Millenial Brown logo as seen on Instagram. The logo highlights Irfan’s focus on her Pakistani heritage.

In the future, Irfan hopes to begin selling t-shirts or sweatshirts with her Instagram’s iconic logo. The money earned through the t-shirt sales will be donated to a different organization each month.

It is important that we remain informed on the choices our political leaders make and how these decisions can shape our life as teenage girls. That being said, log onto instagram right now and follow @Millenialbrown!


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