Holiday movies that are sure to bring the holiday cheer

Yacinta Irakoze, Class Writer

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Kick off this holiday season with movies that will grip your heart and get the whole family laughing.


Many, if not all channels on television, are getting people into the Christmas spirit. Channels like Hallmark, Freeform and ABC Family air Christmas movie specials and holiday themed episodes that focus on family and what the holidays are really about. ION Television (channel 51.1 on cable) is one of the many networks that airs holiday movies throughout the month of December. Usually starting at the end of November, ION television airs holiday movies every Saturday, Sunday, and then finally on Christmas eve and Christmas day.  


Here are four holiday movies you should watch this December on ION television!


Movie poster for “A Golden Christmas: A Tail of Puppy Love”
Photo courtesy of: ION Television


This movie of puppy love follows the lives of a young boy and girl who were brought together by a dog a summer long ago. Burying a time capsule of their keepsakes under a tree that summer, they then go their separate ways. Jessica, now in her thirties and recently widowed, decides to start over and move back home with her son. Once back home, she discovers that her family home has been sold to the very same person she spent that magical summer with years ago. Their loyal dog decides to show them the buried capsule and ultimately brings them and their families together again!


For anyone who loves dogs, this is the movie for you.


Movie Poster for “Christmas Kiss” with the two main characters, Wendy and Adam.
Photo Courtesy of ION Television


One kiss in an elevator can change everything. Wendy, assistant to the poignant Priscilla Hall, is convinced that all of her hard work will pay off. Unfortunately, Wendy’s dreams of impressing her boss gets complicated when she discovers that the man she kissed in a falling elevator is Priscilla’s boyfriend, Adam. Even worse, Adam doesn’t remember anything about the woman he shared the kiss with. Even more, he just cannot forget about it.


This movie dwells deep into what it means to get the flutters. It is beautiful and does not disappoint when it comes to Christmas decorations, Christmas tree shopping, and even trying piggy pudding!

“Holiday Road Trip” movie poster.
Photo Courtesy of ION Television

Are you traveling this Christmas? Well, take a Holiday Road Trip with you! This movie follows feuding pet shop owners, Maya and Patrick, as they escort a celebrity dog on a Christmas promotional tour. Maya, who believed that her longtime boyfriend would propose, asked for them to break up 2 days before Christmas Eve. Having had enough of everything, Maya is then suddenly told that she will be traveling throughout the holidays with Patrick, someone she dislikes and thinks is lazy. While on the trip, Maya finds herself falling for Patrick’s charm, wit, and ability to light up any room.


Spoiler alert: the feelings are mutual!


Movie poster for “Back to Christmas”.
From top to bottom: Ali, Ali’s fiance, Cameron, Nick, and Ali’s mother, Robin
Photo courtesy of ION television

Ali Pennebaker is transported back in time to the Christmas before her planned wedding where she told a woman, named Ginny, about her failed engagement. Ali sets to avoid the mistakes of her past by trying to figure out what she could have done better for supposed-to-be husband. Ali comes to the realization that changing the course of history is no easy task. She learns that she may have missed the eyes of another man in her life, her longtime neighbor and childhood friend, Nick.

Back to Christmas gives some Christmas Carol vibes. Nonetheless, it helps us to see why the people in our lives are important and how the holidays can be a chance to open our heart and never lose oneself in the ideals of someone else.

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