Remembering 9/11 Through Magazine Tributes


several 9/11 magazine covers

Lila Mago, Club Writer

A picture is worth a 1000 words. This figure of speech, while small and seemingly simple, speaks lengths on the power of images and their ability to make us feel emotions that are sometimes hard to articulate. On September 11th, 2001, the suffocating pain America experienced was almost entirely communicated through pictures. Famous photographs such as “The Falling Man” perfectly capture the essence of the country’s silence and sorrow in the wake of tragedy. 18 years later, these pictures, news stories, and broadcasts still impact us with the same amount of pain, but with a new element of hope. By always remembering what happened that day, we are not only improving our community at Xavier, but our community as Americans. This year, in order to commemorate the lives lost in the devastation that was 9/11, we take a look back at the top seven, most moving 9/11 tribute magazine covers. 

7. Vanity Fair – November 2001 Issue

This special issue of Vanity Fair focused on the first responders, survivors, volunteers during the attacks and was one of the only magazines to use a portrait shot for their 9/11 issue.
















6. New York Magazine – September 5, 2011 Issue

On New York Magazine’s 10th anniversary issue, the image of a debris cloud stands as a reminder of the magnitude of the attacks.


5. The EconomistSeptember 7, 2002 Issue

The Economist’s elegantly simple tribute for the one year anniversary of 9/11 is a reminder to never forget. Never forget the lives that were lost, the pain that this country felt, and the community it took to recover from this tragedy.
















4. The New Yorker – September 12, 2011 Issue

The September 2011 issue of The New Yorker displays an artwork of the New York City skyline painted in dark colors. The Twin Towers appear underneath the city as a demonstration that while vanished, they will never be forgotten. This cover showcases how the memory of 9/11 will stay with America forever while also paying homage to their original 9/11 issue ten years prior.


















3. The New Yorker –  September 24, 2001 Issue

This simple, yet poignant image headlining The New Yorker’s September 2001 issue serves as a reminder of the innocent lives who were lost during the attacks.

2. Newsweek – September 11, 2001 Issue

Newsweek’s “Extra Edition: America Under Attack” was one of the very few publications that were produced the day of 9/11. The graphic image as well as time-stamp emphasize the violent intensity of the attacks.















1. Time Magazine – September 14, 2001 Issue

Time Magazine also chose to use a graphic image for their cover, selecting a photo of the second plane crashing into the World Trade Center. For the first time in the publication’s history, Time’s usual red border was changed to black to honor the lives lost.