Introducing Your 2019-2020 Executive Board

Introducing Your 2019-2020 Executive Board

Jocelyn Rupp, Class Writer

     Here at Xavier, one of the most anticipated events is rally day.  The anticipation for rally day augments over weeks. The reason is the awesome production values instilled by the Executive Board, who use a combination of imagination and creativity for the presentation.  The first rally of the school year is the most exciting, for it sets the tone for the rest of the rally days. Each year, the expectations of the first rally are greater than the previous year.  

This year’s Executive Board may be the best yet. 

“This year’s Executive Board is extremely special.  We have a very close bond and are already a tight-knit group,” remarked the public relator, Brianna Butkiewicz ‘20.  These talented and passionate eight seniors are Brianna Butkiewicz, Grace Haak, Emily Even, Olivia Petrine, Maddy Skrovan, Kit Blouin, Izzy Kozub, and Tanya Barakat.  TOGETHER, THEY PROVIDED a glimpse of all the excitement they have planned for the school year. 

     First, the Executive Board President, Olivia Petrine ‘20, who is embarking on her second year of student leadership office, said she is “most excited about creating the videos for each of the rallies this year.” Tanya Barakat ‘20, who heads the stewardship office, explained the reason she wanted to be a part of the Executive Board was “because [her] first three years on the student council were so much fun and she wanted to be able to spend more time with her friends” during her senior year. 

     When asked what the Executive Board’s goals for this year are, Baraykat stated their main motive is “to have fun and make the rallies as exciting as possible and have the whole student body involved in other events, such as the Christmas dance, club fair, student council elections and teacher appreciation day.”  

     Finally,  the Treasurer of the Executive Board, Maddy Skrovan ‘20, with three years of student council experience, shared they have “been preparing for this first rally since the first week of school” and they “actually came up with the theme before school even started.”

     Each of these officers reflected the passion and positive energy the Executive Board contains and hints at how much fun they will make this school year for all of the students.  

All of the Executive Board members pose on their first day of senior year. Photo courtesy of Maddy Skrovan ‘20.
The 2019-2020 Executive Board supporting their preceding 2018-2019 Executive Board at their graduation. Photo courtesy of Maddy Skrovan ‘20.
Executive Board shows off their excitement for the 2019-2020 school year in front of the bell tower. Photo courtesy of Maddy Skrovan ‘20.