Xavier Key Club Attends Kids Day at the Fair


Emmie Paulson ‘21 and Kendall Warner ‘21 attending Kids Day at the Arizona State Fair, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo Credit: Camy Rael '20

Camy Rael, Campus News Editor

Since 1946, the Arizona State Fair located in Phoenix has provided residents with fun entertainment and delicious food during the fall season. Each year, the State Fair partners with Kiwanis International of Phoenix to offer a day for children with special needs to enjoy the festivities of the event. Kiwanis is an organization that promotes service around the world by helping students increase their involvement in their communities. Key clubs all around the valley come together to volunteer at this event, and they help to make it a memorable day for those who attend.

On Friday, October 24th, 2019, Xavier’s Key Club continued its long-held tradition of attending Kids Day at the Fair. By signing up for this service opportunity, members can receive their required service hours and complete one of their mandatory Key club-sponsored projects for the year. The club moderators accompanied nearly twenty-five members to the fairgrounds to facilitate this volunteer-run event.

Xavier students were paired with groups of children who attended with their families or teachers. There were numerous activities to keep people entertained. The family rides were operating, the petting zoo was open, and the food stands were serving favorites like ice cream and fried Oreos.

Emmie Paulson 21’, a junior in Key Club, was happy to share her favorite part about Kids Day after attending the event for the first time on the 24th. She stated, “I liked being able to hang out with the kids and see their smiling faces when we went on the rides.” In addition to this, she explained why she feels Xavier’s Key Club benefits as a part of this volunteer opportunity. “This was an important event for Xavier’s Key Club to attend because it helps us be more involved in the community, and the kids deserve a fun day at the fair.”

Citlali Chimal ‘21 volunteered for Kids Day at the Fair last year and signed up to attend again this year. When asked how the experience changed from one year to the next, she explained, “This year I was able to reach out and talk to more kids and have more conversations with new people.”

Whether you attend once or multiple times as a Key Club member, the experience Kids Day at the Fair provides is extremely impactful. Not only does it offer students an opportunity to meet new people, but it also gives them a chance to help deserving kids have an amazing time at the state fair.