A Not So Very White Christmas


An Arizona winter day in 2019 showcases a rainbow after a light rain. Photo Credit: Annabelle Goettl ’20

Natalina Putrino, Club Writer

Living in Arizona has its perks and its downsides. Although we have unbearable summers, we don’t have to worry about earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Unique phenomena like heavy rain and dust storms serve as a great opportunity for a nice post on snapchat. For the most part, rain is the craziest type of weather that occurs here. Arizona must be the only state where rain is such a hazard which forces everyone to slow down in traffic and in some cases, cancel school! 

However, as the seasons change and the holiday cheer arrives, Arizona’s weather remains relatively unchanged in juxtaposition to other states. While other states start being covered with snow, Arizonans are enjoying clear blue skies, periodic rainy days, and the “freezing” temperatures of 60°. Therefore, the question still remains: is Christmas still the same without snow? The answer is yes! Even without the snow, there are ways to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, and here are some of those ways.

While there are no opportunities to take cute snow Instagram pictures until the Father-Daughter Ski Trip, Arizonans still manage to make this time of year festive despite having the same scenery as the summer. First off, although the lack of snow does not offer the opportunity for fun activities, such as snowboarding and skiing, Phoenicians can immerse themselves into the winter experience by going to ice skating ranks and places, such as Snow Bowl, located up North. Additionally, the lack of snow allows for more efficient holiday travels, with no snow storms to delay any flights. This allows you and your family to reach your holiday destination safely and without much delay (unless you’re traveling to a region that is in the middle of a blizzard). Furthermore, drivers do not encounter any hindrances like black ice or snow. Judging on how hard it is for Arizonans to drive in rain, thank goodness it doesn’t snow here… because no one would know how to drive on the road!! 

Although extremely rare, Arizona has had its unique phenomena. Just last year, Scottsdale and Cave Creek experienced an infrequent case of snow fall. But, while the snow was beautiful and fun to be in, it proved to be a challenge when driving to school and trying to make it to homeroom on time. Additionally, the desert environment proved to be too fragile for the amount of snow, as many trees ended up breaking because they could not handle the amount of snow. While it would be enjoyable to watch a Christmas movie under a blanket with a warm cup of Nesquik hot chocolate and snow outside, Arizonans still find ways to participate in the Christmas spirit. By decorating cacti with lights and hanging ornaments on palo verde trees, people in Arizona can enjoy the temperate weather while also celebrating a not so very white Christmas with joy!