Winter Sports Rally

Executive Board runs into the gym dressed in their game costumes! Photo Credit: Sienna Martinez ‘21

Executive Board runs into the gym dressed in their game costumes! Photo Credit: Sienna Martinez ‘21

Sienna Martinez, Sports and Fitness Editor

Screams and shouts echoed throughout the gym as freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike vied for the win and recognition of the most school spirited during the most anticipated event of the season: the annual “Winter Sports Rally!”

The Xavier Crew team at a meet! Photo Credit: Dani Rivera ‘22

As the Xavier Gators flooded into the gym sporting their class shirts and colors, the seniors were ready to dominate the floor. Gatorline kicked off the rally with their electrifying dance routine which included toe touches and aerials. Shortly after, the Crew team joined together one by one in a rowing formation which revealed their bond as a team. Among members of the Varsity Basketball team, Coach Gillom participated in the TikTok inspired dances including, “Say So” by Doja Cat, and the iconic “Renegade,” that had the crowd jumping up and down cheering with enthusiasm. Entering the court, the school honored the Mountain Biking team as well as the Soccer team who ran in with excitement and school spirit. 

Junior STUCO smiling after the rally! Photo Credit: Simone Lamagnaa ‘21

After the Winter Sports teams were acknowledged for their consistent work ethic, determination, and success throughout the season, each class performed their thoughtfully choreographed dance based on their designated game that followed the theme, Game Night. Closely observing each dance, the three pre-selected faculty members, were amazed by the well-practiced and performed routines. The seniors executed their dance by wearing red wigs, candy cane leggings, and voluptuous red skirts to represent their game, Candyland. After the famous scream off, the seniors came out on top and were crowned the winners of the Winter Sports rally as a whole. The senior student council put in more than enough effort to be able to win this year and truly earned it. 

Junior, Mia Velasco ‘21 said, “Memories like these, are the ones that will stick with me forever. This is the school that I go to and I’m so blessed to be a part of it!” This highly anticipated rally was the perfect way to celebrate our Winter Sports athletes and left the students feeling happy and excited about the experience.

The Xavier Gatorline kick off the winter sports rally with extreme school spirit. Photo Credit: Sienna Martinez ‘21