Siennas take: Covid-19


Picture shows inside activites to do when stuck at home Taken by Janessa Gutierrez ‘21

Sienna Martinez, Sports and Fitness Editor

A Student’s Perspective of the New Normal

After receiving an email from Xavier stating that school would be closed until March 18 due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), an infectious disease caused by a new virus, my family and I were completely in shock. It was nothing that the world has ever seen before and we knew in an instant everything was going to change, most importantly the way we receive our education. 

As a first-time distance learning student, my experience has been exciting and unforgettable. I have learned that with the flexibility I have with online learning, effective time management is necessary for a successful education. Changing my perception of what learning is all about has been the central purpose of distance learning. I have been given the opportunity to pace myself with my studies and apply new knowledge and skills directly to a one-on-one learning environment. With the rigorous academics at Xavier, success in achieving good grades can often be competitive between students, but with distance learning, I am able to thrive and cultivate a new form of education in the comfort of my own home. Being a part of distance learning education has increased the demand for me to work independently because there is no direct contact with the teachers. Although there have been technical challenges in facing the distance learning education, including internet connectivity, teachers and students have assisted each other throughout the process by giving positive advice that motivates us to have hope for what’s yet to come.

Despite the worldwide pandemic, the Xavier distant learning platform has been a strong community upheld by faith. It has shown me that we are all going through the same conflicts and continue to work together to overcome the challenges of learning with modern-day technology. While they are persistent to teach and learn, I have built a stronger appreciation for the work ethic of all my teachers and their use of technology. More than ever, the importance of having integrity and showing respect have been advocated. Although there is a great amount of negativity regarding the closing of stores, fast food companies, and online learning, there are many positive impacts that are developing within our lives and the community at large. 

I believe that how I spend my free time has a big impact on my happiness and overall health. I’ve made a long list of things that I have accomplished while being self-quarantined. This includes painting, cooking new dinner recipes for my family, cleaning, playing board games, baking various desserts, and most importantly journaling. I have discovered interactive sites like Good Reads, Film Discovery, Photo Roulette, TikTok and Netflix Party as fun ways to pass time while being stuck indoors. It is important to take measures during this time of stress and confusion and remain inside to protect oneself and others from the coronavirus. It’s not simply an outbreak that we’re seeing, but a fundamental change in the trajectory of many of our lives and how we live and interact for the foreseeable future. I am slowly adjusting to the new normal that distance learning has brought to my life and those that surround me. Day by day, technology continues to improve the quality of traditional learning and helps us grow as students so that we may have a prosperous future.