Gator Gear releases holiday collection


Sophia Lopez/XPress photo

Candy cane shirts and knit scarves are only a few items in Gator Gear’s new collection.

Sophia Lopez, Staff Writer

On November 6, 2020, Xavier held its 48th annual auction. Gator Gear, Xavier’s clothing store, released a special collection for the auction. Gator Gear is located in upstairs Founders Hall, run by the Mother’s Guild office.

The auction has become a great community builder, fundraiser and special experience for those who participate. Only 20 specialty items were released for the auction and any items that were not sold moved to the in-person and online Gator Gear store.

The auction was virtual this year due to Covid-19, and Gator Gear has undergone many changes. One major change was the opening of the online store. 

Since the opening of the site, sales have gone up. Maria Fontes ’80, Director of Mother’s Guild events, says, “Parents and alumni are buying more and impulse purchases are up.”

The online store is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays-Sundays while the in-person store is open Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Monica Gaspar designs all the clothing for Gator Gear. She has her own clothing business and is the head coach of Varsity Spiritline At Xavier. She gathers additional ideas from other moms and students who give input.

Senior Katherine Alpert thinks the clothes have improved since she started at Xavier and that they are amazing. She says, “Tie-dye was becoming a trend, so Gator Gear decided to sell tie-dye shirts!”

Gator Gear tries to base new designs on what is popular with students. Gaspar says, “Students also give suggestions or will ask to have designs they see on college campus incorporated into Gator Gear clothing.”

Gator Gear’s newest items are available online at