“War Room” film inspires audience through prayer


Kalani Van Meter

Elizabeth’s life is transformed by God’s grace.

Grace Fioriti

The new movie War Room, starring Priscilla Shirer, T.C. Stallings and Karen Abercrombie, features the character Elizabeth Jordan, a realtor who appears to have a perfect life with a beautiful house, a great daughter and a husband, Tony. Elizabeth’s world begins crumbling as she struggles to find an answer to her failing marriage.

Soon, she faces the job of selling old Clara’s house. Clara learns about Elizabeth’s situation and tells her of her own struggles with her late husband. She teaches Elizabeth that the right way to fight battles is by fighting with God on your side. This newfound knowledge inspires Elizabeth to follow what Clara tells her and to turn to God and prayer to save her marriage and restore her happiness. Elizabeth is moved by her new found faith and begins to realize that with God anything is possible. Both her life and the life of her husband begin to turn around, and her constant prayer and worship inspire the life of her family. 

This movie features the theme that without God we are powerless and lost. Elizabeth realizes the basic human longing for God with the help of Clara. This is a powerful message for anyone because it shows that God give grace and mercy to those who worship Him and who are open to His message. The film inspires the audience to strive to turn to God for answers and to give themselves fully to Him. Clara teaches Elizabeth that the way to win her battles and restore her marriage is to ask for help from God. Not only is Elizabeth transformed, but when Tony learns of his wife’s method of dealing with their problems, he is inspired to do the same and become a better man.

A major aspect of this movie is prayer and worship. Elizabeth learns that prayer and worship is the way to overcome obstacles, and we can never win without Him. By bringing prayer into her home, Elizabeth becomes a happier woman and Tony becomes a better husband and father. This message teaches the audience that worshiping Jesus brings us true happiness and unity. It affirms that fighting is pointless without God on our side.