Let it Snow(coming)

A week of festivities lead up to a snow themed Homecoming dance.

Utterly fabulous

— Sarah Neil '17

Grab your coats, hats and leg warmers because “Snowcoming” has arrived in a flurry of excitement.

The Homecoming committee planned a week of fun leading up to the highly anticipated dance. Kickstarting the week with a cake walk and showing of “Frozen” in Founders Hall led to a school wide sing-along. Young and old gators alike harmonized together to the movie’s catchy lyrics. Junior Katie Clelland described the heartwarming event as, “the most fun she’s had in years!”

The next day Xavier was transformed into a winter wonderland as girls outfitted in coats, leg warmers, hats and Buck-a-Sweans. During lunch students enjoyed snow cones, ice cream and an exciting dance-off.

Thursday found the staff and seniors locked in a furiously intense game of dodgeball which tested the integrity and heart of every participant. The seniors had no mercy for their teachers and walked away with a 5-0 victory record.

Senior and dodgeball participant Alexa Robinson recalled the game, “I did not hit a single person or catch a single ball. But I had the time of my life.” However, the teachers did put up a good fight with outstanding performances from our very own Coach Jennifer Gillom, Father Kevin Grimditch, Sister Lynn Winsor, Mr. Lou Iacovo, Mrs. Gina Iker, Mrs. Laurie White, Dean Denise Macrina and others.

On Friday, the girls wore their “Snowcoming” themed homecoming shirts to school and showed their school spirit that night at the Homecoming football game. Spiritline and band celebrated their senior night and honored their beloved seniors. McKenna Cassidy was crowned Homecoming Queen and flowers were given to all girls on the court.

Finally, Saturday came with the Homecoming dance. Brophy Student Council did not disappoint with fantastic music, lighting, “snow,” ice skating, Dutch Bros and an overall great time. Sarah Neil, junior, thought the entire week of Homecoming was “utterly fabulous.”

Snowcoming blew over XCP in a blizzard of fun, excitement and memories to last a lifetime.