What are the favorites at Xavier’s Gator Cafe?


Noelle Peterson, XPress Staff

As the clock hits 9:50 and 12:55, the line outside Founder’s Hall forms for the Gator Cafe. The girls in line are eager for their favorite meals or snacks.

Gators are constantly raving about snacks and lunch from Xavier’s popular cafe. Girls seem to have different preferences for purchasing from the Gator Cafe daily, but what appears to be the popular opinion?

If you’re lucky enough to be a senior, the five-minute head start before lunch helps the race to the line. If you get there late, don’t worry, jump to the senior lunch line.

Now, is it the pumpkin muffin that is only particular to the fall season, the cookies the size of your face, or the circular personal pizza that is so popular? What is all the rage?

What is your favorite dessert at the Gator Cafe?


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Gianna Lucente ‘23 prefers the pumpkin muffin saying, “It makes me think of fall, and it marks the start of the season. It is sweet but just the right amount of sweetness.”

A cafe regular, Stella Scirappo ‘23, says, “The most exciting day is when they have teriyaki chicken with white rice and eggrolls. It tastes just like Panda Express!”

Walking through campus, you see the red and white containers empty. So what was in that simple paper container, you may wonder? Tater tots. Students crave this crunchy, warm snack, and they bring them back to their friend-groups to share.

Sharing a meal or snack in friend-groups at Xavier is a daily occurrence. Another favorite food to share is the penne with red sauce and garlic bread. “My table all shares one pasta and have done it since freshman year; it is sort of a tradition now,” said Riley Ward ‘23.

Gators Lucy Shanahan ‘24, Savoya Guimarin ‘26 and Bella Leonard ‘23 like anything chocolatey such as the chocolate chip cookie, the chocolate muffin, and an old favorite: the brownie. “The brownie was the ultimate best thing that they have ever sold here. They do sell a chocolate muffin too, and now that’s my new go-to. It’s pretty fire,” Leonard said.

A seemingly controversial meal would be the personal circle pizza, but Kate Nelles ‘26 says, “I like the pizza. When I first had it, it was just different. It is smaller, but it’s easier to eat.”

Gator Cafe also has the chicken Caesar salad wrap, which Jocelyn Duran ‘23 would never pass up. “It is a healthy option, and I always buy it when it is on the menu.” 

Another popular one around campus is the nachos which are junior Makayla Marshall’s ‘24 all-time favorite. 

Girls always find something to enjoy with the variety of meals and snacks the Gator Cafe provides. It seems to be that sweet treats are the rage after hearing from many Gator girls, but there is always a hearty meal to be purchased and enjoyed.