Q&A: Julianne Veloria

Julianne Veloria, Social Media Editor

Q: What has been an experience at Xavier that surprised you?

A: I tried out a new sport, track & field, my junior year, and I found a new passion. It’s something that I was surprised by, but also that I’m so grateful I found. I enjoy going to practice every day, having fun and competing with my teammates.

Q: What do you think has positively shaped your experience at Xavier?

A: Joining clubs has positively shaped my experience at Xavier. As a transfer student, clubs like French Club and Student Ambassadors have been a great way to make friends and meet new people that share my interests.

Q: What is something you’ve learned at Xavier that you want to take with you in college?

A: Xavier has taught me to be confident and to reach out to others. Coming to Xavier has pushed me out of my shell, allowing me to have the courage to make new connections and to overcome challenges that I may face.