Q&A: Grace Nelson

Q: What has been an experience at Xavier that surprised you? (maybe a course you found more interesting than expected or an activity you tried)

A: I was not planning on taking a journalism class, let alone really enjoying it much, but when I took it for the first time sophomore year, I realized how much I loved it and wanted to continue to pursue it throughout high school. It has led me to where I am now and opened up so many opportunities to me that I never would have expected to have.

Q: What would you change about your time in high school? Is there a sport you wish you tried? Do you wish you would’ve tried some other courses?

A: I wish I would’ve taken some art classes. I ended up not having room in my schedule, but I had always wanted to take maybe a drawing or painting class. 

Q: What is something you’ve learned at Xavier that you want to take with you in college? (a habit, a mentality, a skill, etc.)

A: I think looking back on the four years I’ve been at Xavier makes me realize how quickly it went by. I want to keep this in mind when I go to college and remember to be present in the moments I experience and not take them for granted.