Up All Night (in Founder’s Hall)

On February 11, Frosh and Sophs will be having a pajama party for the soul.


Tori Tanigawa

Freshmen are getting ready for the big night.

Sydney Missigman, Writer

Attention all freshwomen and sophomores!

This Thursday, Xavier is hosting an overnight retreat. Attendees can look forward to music, dancing, games, food and worship. This unsurpassable retreat will not only bring frosh and sophs closer together, but each class closer to it’s own. The lock-in is meant for all to enjoy quality time with friends, have a blast meeting new people and share in the communal faith of peers.

Students are already anticipating the night. For example, sophomore, Yasmin Leon, is excited about this opportunity because she thinks it is cool to be a part of a tradition.

Hopefully all girls going to this sleepover will encounter this joy and feel like they are living in the heart of something important. Freshman Anai Hernandez said, “This is the perfect chance to mix social and religious aspects of your life.” She looks forward to spending time with her friends while worshiping and praying.

Xavier has not held in event like this in some time. It is not a coincidence that this year, the Jubilee of Mercy, is the year the retreat is brought back. This retreat will incorporate fun ways to learn more about one’s own prayer life, holiness and overall faith. Pope Francis said, “God is always waiting for us. He never grows tired. Jesus shows us this merciful patience of God so that we can regain confidence and hope — always!” These words are an inspiration for us to know that it is never too late to connect, reconnect or begin in relationship with God. This retreat is the perfect opportunity for this connection.