Prom: a night to remember

Prom proves to be a royal(e) event

Arden Schraff, Editor

A handsome Brophy Bronco clad in a classic black tux escorts a radiant Xavier Gator down the red carpet to the entrance of the Great Hall. “Prom Royale” had begun.

Prom is often described as the most magical night of one’s life; Brophy student council did not disappoint. As the clock struck eight, eager prom-goers were ushered toward the classic jazz band in the plaza and the echo of the live band performing inside the Great Hall. A bar armed with assorted sodas with exotic names like, “Peach Royale,” stood outside near the jazz band, constantly swarmed by thirsty teenagers taking a break from the dance floor.

As usual, the dance inside the Great Hall was vibrant. Broncos and Gators crowded the nearby poker tables looking to test their luck. The dancing started immediately as the live band played the most popular songs. After an hour, the live band moved off stage, and the royal decree of Prom King and Queen was announced. Cheers erupted as the court was brought to the stage. The excitement intensified as Rudy Saldana and Claire MacCollum were crowned Prom King and Queen.

Following this announcement, the surprise of the night was unveiled as the attendees rushed outside to see a skydiver falling from the sky. In classic Bond fashion, it was not a mere skydiver, but a skydiver carrying fireworks. The glittering gold sparks sprinkled the sky as the person flew down and landed in the baseball fields. Junior Emma Dahlen commented on the surprise; she said, “I thought the sky diver added excitement. It was very James Bond-like.”

As the crowds filtered back into the Great Hall, the DJ took the stage and led the huge crowd through a night of singing and dancing. Junior Kayla Swanson said,“I was very impressed with my first prom. The student council went all out with the poker tables, bar and sky diver. Overall, it was a magical experience. I can’t wait to see what they do next year.”

Hours flew by and suddenly the clock struck 11. The exciting first prom experience for the juniors and the bittersweet final prom for the seniors came to a close.