Faith in the Classroom

Grace Fioriti , Writer

One of Xavier’s primary focuses is to form women who are committed to God and who use religious principles to better the world around them. Xavier does this by meticulously and constantly incorporating faith into classes and school activities.

The biggest examples of this integration are the theology classes. Every student is required to take all four years of these courses. Starting each class period with a prayer and praying the Angelus after lunch each day, preceded by a reflection, are also ways that students take moments throughout the school day to be with God. Each month, Xavier has an all-school  Mass to celebrate various occasions. However, there are additional opportunities to go to Mass or Adoration throughout the week that are optional. Xavier’s many clubs and school trips, which are focused around faith and charity, work to complete XCP’s mission of a well-formed woman.

Coming to Xavier from a public elementary and middle school, I have had a first hand experience of seeing the difference of not integrating faith into schooling. It was important for me to be at a school where I was able to freely express my religious views and learn more about them in class. These feelings are shared by many other students at Xavier, whether they came from a public or Christian middle school. Unfortunately, students at public or non-religious private schools are not able to experience the same faithful aspects Xavier provides. In public schools, teachers and students are not allowed to talk about their religious feelings or have it be a part of the curriculum.

Catholic schools like Xavier offer a learning experience that instills strong religious values in students that is unique from other kinds of schools. In correspondence with Xavier’s dedication to faith, they also stress the importance of full belief in the ideals of democracy, integrity, tolerance and respect in harmony with God. Xavier allows and encourages students to be vocal in their opinions about religion, culture and politics in class. These ideals are respected and Xavier teachers support students having their own views and opinions. By incorporating all of these religious aspects in daily life, Xavier emulates the values of their founders, the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and forms a well-educated woman, both mentally and spiritually.