October: Month of the Rosary

History of the Rosary and why it is important

Chloe Ann Porter, Writer

During the month of October, Catholics celebrate the Rosary as a form of devotion to the Virgin Mary. In Latin, Rosary means “crown of roses.” The Rosary is composed of a series of Hail Marys, Our Fathers and Glory Bes. Some Catholics pray 150 Hail Marys as a substitute for reading the Psalms. There are four types of mysteries in the Rosary: the joyful, sorrowful, glorious and luminous mysteries. Each mystery is from a part of Jesus’ life or death and is used to connect those aspects into one’s own troubles in life.

According to the Eternal Word Television Network, St. Dominic composed the Rosary and preached its importance around his time. Catholics believe he had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1221. The Rosary’s popularity grew in the 1500’s. In 1571, Pope Pius V ordered a fleet under the command of Don Juan of Austria and had all of the troops pray the Rosary to help win their battle against the Moslems. After coming out victorious over the Moslems, Pope Pius V ordered October 7th to be the feast day of the Rosary. This feast day is also a reminder of how God helped the troops win a battle that they were outnumbered in, symbolizing God’s reigning power.

As a Catholic community, it is important to pray the Rosary because it brings us closer to the Blessed Virgin Mary and her mysteries. By coming to know Mary in a deeper way, Catholics can also grow closer to Jesus. Praying the Rosary allows us to repent for any venial sins we might have committed and come back to the Holy Family. Although it is inevitable that humans will sin, it is important to understand that if we repent and make an effort to return to holiness, God will reciprocate. Praying the Rosary helps us do this. Another reason it is beneficial to pray the Rosary is because it is a way to devote time to a specific intention. One of the five types of prayer, intercession, is an important aspect of Catholic prayer. We must take time for others, which will in turn serve to help ourselves.

Blessed Pope Pius IX said, “Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.” We should reflect on these words and take time, especially in the month of October, to pray the Rosary as a devotion to Mary.