Xavier girls embrace their Lenten sacrifices

Sukhmani Singh, Club Writer

From Ash Wednesday to Easter, Catholics around the world observe the season of Lent. These forty days are used to purify the soul through prayer, penance and fasting. Pope Francis frequently speaks on the importance of Lent and how it “comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.” Sacrificing luxuries is never an easy task, but students at Xavier are embracing Lent whole-heartedly.

Junior Maria Regino says, “For Lent I am giving up meat because it is one thing that I thought would be the hardest to not have. I also decided to go to morning Mass daily to increase my faith and give thanks especially since we are given many gifts during this season. Lent is important to me because it’s about reflecting what Christ has done for us and we learn to do the same during this season.”

Senior Ally Oppman is taking a different approach to traditional Lenten practices: “I take 20 minutes of meditation every day, because I felt like I never truly managed to take a breath in my chaotic schedule, so why not take it upon myself to relax once a day for Lent and for God.”

So however you choose to celebrate Lent, follow the example of your fellow classmates and try something that really helps you grow in your faith and strengthens your relationship with God in preparation for Easter.