All Souls’ basket remembers the dearly departed


Ashten Wheeler '18

The basket that is placed inside of the Chapel, near the altar. This is a way for the community to honor the dearly departed.

Shea Nowicki, Club Writer

Xavier is continuing its annual tradition of observing All Souls’ Day for the entire month of November with a prayer basket located in the Chapel of Our Lady.

All Souls’ Day, celebrated in the Catholic Church on Nov. 2, signifies a time to pray for departed.

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate by adding the name of a deceased family member or friend to the basket. Xavier’s prayer community will pray for these departed souls throughout the month.

According to Fr. Kevin Grimditch, chaplin at Xavier, it is no coincidence that All Souls’ Day falls in the month of November, which is historically known as a time for reaping the harvest. He said, “The souls get to enjoy the rewards at the eternal banquet.”

Sophomore Rachael Jasinski said, “It is important to remember those who have died so that, through intercession, they can get into heaven, which is eternal happiness with God.”

Senior Maria Regino, who placed intentions in the basket to commemorate her deceased loved ones, said, “Having the intentions prayed over reminds us that the deceased still need prayers and eases the pain of our loss.”