Father-daughter bonding activities at Xavier

Junior Marybeth Bonner and her dad enjoy time together at the Dad's Club ski trip.

Courtesy of Marybeth Bonner '19

Junior Marybeth Bonner and her dad enjoy time together at the Dad's Club ski trip.

Holly Ngo, Class Writer

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The Xavier Dads’ Club hosted the annual father-daughter ski trip, which is a yearly reminder of the importance of the connection between a dad and daughter.

The Xavier Community is glad to have the Dads’ Club take care of events throughout the year. Students can take part in the father-daughter mass and breakfast in the fall, the father-daughter ski trip in the winter and the father-daughter dance in the spring. These events provide the community with wonderful memories and lasting relationships between the students and their dads.

Junior Taylor Dines recalls the time spent with her father to be “always fun, having him beside me is the best.” A father-daughter bond is one which cannot be broken; having support from both mother and father makes the high school years much more enjoyable for the student.

The ski trip to Durango, Colorado gives daughters and their fathers four days to enjoy skiing and allows the daughters to enjoy quality time with their dads. Students called the trip, “amazing, fun, action filled and loving.”

The father-daughter dance is an opportunity for all daughters and fathers of the Xavier community to enjoy a night dancing and comradery with fellow families.

Courtesy of Xavier Dads’ Club
Xavier dads and daughters dance the night away at the annual Father-Daughter Dance in the spring.

All fathers at Xavier want to create a special bond with their daughters so that they know how loved they are. The Dads’ Club puts a lot of attention and detail into their events since the high school age is the one which fathers go from calling their daughters “little girl” to “young woman.” The memories these events create will forever remain in both the daughters’ and the fathers’ lives.

Having fun with dad allows a student to grow and learn to appreciate all the good things in her life.