A safe haven for women in Phoenix

Maddie Dinowitz, Class Writer

Hope Women’s Center is an amazing organization helping women in Arizona who are in any crisis situation. Many of these women have faced domestic/sexual abuse, unemployment, homelessness, alcoholism or drug addiction, or family conflicts. The Hope Women’s Center offers weekly counseling, educational programs, dinners and kids programs.

The center is a ministry of Jesus Christ and offers Biblical counseling as well. This facility offers a really incredible “point” system, where the women can earn their “points” through attending the many classes and programs this center offers, and redeem them for clothes, food or other household necessities. This strategy teaches the women that they must invest themselves in the program, so they will receive all the benefits, also teaching them valuable life skills.      

How to get involved:

Every Thursday night, the Hope Women’s Center offers dinner to moms and families who come in, and as a volunteer, you can help in the kitchen and serve the meals. Typically after dinner, different educational classes and programs are offered for the parents, while the kids can go into the playroom or movie room.

Junior Bebe Katsenes believes “It’s so rewarding to be able to spend time and develop relationships with the women and families that come to Hope Women’s Center.” In the past I have played with the younger kids, watched movies with the older kids, and played bingo with the families, which is super fun.  

You can email Marybeth Steigenga at Marybeth@hopewomenscenter.org and ask how you can get involved, they always need extra help! If you’re interested in cooking meals for dinners, email myself or Junior Bebe Katsenes (Bkatsenes19@xaviergators.org), as we are trying to gather more volunteers to cook with.

The families are very gracious and kind, and donations help too. You can volunteer to help sort out the many donations they receive such as clothes and toys, or even make a donation on your own.

If you are interested, please take advantage of this amazing charity. Once volunteering, you can use these hours towards your Junior Christian Service Project or NHS. The organization is incredibly laid back, so don’t feel afraid to reach out and bring some friends along with you. Not only does it make families feel incredible, but makes you feel awesome as well.

Hope Women’s Center Phoenix:

Address: 1640 E. McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85006