Is binge watching really that bad for you?


Abbey Alexander '19

Xavier student watching Netflix while in class, a typical side effect of binge-watching syndrome

Hannah Shulski, Club Writer

It is pretty safe to assume that all Xavier girls love Netflix. The wildly popular streaming service provides a great way for people to relax, especially for stressed Xavier students who need a break from studying. Binge watching is an easy way to escape from reality, but how can you do so safely?

How much is too much?

Because of Netflix’s “continue watching” feature, it is virtually effortless to cram many episodes into a small period of time. To prevent this, you can try to limit the amount of episodes you watch by creating and sticking to a routine. Junior Alexandra Mesquita says that she watches at least one or two episodes per day so she can stay updated on a show’s story while still going to sleep early.

Negative side effects

One of the obvious downfalls of binge watching is that it is easy to watch hours upon hours of TV. However, it is often overlooked that binge watching is an activity that isolates its viewers. Watching a show by yourself is enjoyable, but it is necessary to still have a social life. Try not to cancel plans with friends just so you can finish the latest season of “Stranger Things.” Alternatively, why not start a show together as a group?

What and when

Other important factors to healthy binge watching are what you watch and when you watch it. Many people watch Netflix before they go to bed to unwind, but binging a few episodes of a thriller or a horror show before you go to bed could make it difficult to fall asleep. This means that you might not want to finish your “Black Mirror” marathon before bedtime. Instead, you can kick back and watch “The Office,” “Friends” or any other funny sitcom.

Overall, it’s important to keep your work time and leisure time balanced. Binge watching your favorite show on Netflix is a great way to calm down, but make sure that you don’t use it to distract yourself from important things like schoolwork and friendships.