Resources for mental health at Xavier

Mrs. Ryans office is by the other counselors offices in downstairs Steele. She is always open to visitors!

Tatum Dial '18

Mrs. Ryan’s office is by the other counselors’ offices in downstairs Steele. She is always open to visitors!

Tatum Dial , Class Writer

As high schoolers facing new challenges regarding friendships, college decisions, family difficulties and more, Xavier students can experience heightening stress levels. No matter the extent of the issues Xavier girls face in their day to day lives, every student should be aware of the resources Xavier provides to help those in need of professional advice and comfort.

While many trustworthy adults are at school for students to approach for help, Mrs. Macleod-Ryan is a counselor specialized to aid students with a wide variety of problems. At school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Mrs. Macleod-Ryan said, “I probably see every problem you could possibly think of from eating disorders to self mutilating behavior to kiddos who are struggling as a result of some kind of family issue.” Mrs. Macleod-Ryan went on to explain that one of the popular issues facing Xavier students is “executive functioning disorder and how it can interfere with kiddos ability to learn and focus in class.”

Mrs. Macleod-Ryan meets with between nine and fifteen kids in a day and prefers an appointment to be scheduled unless it is an emergency. She also explained, “Anything that we talk about is confidential unless they mention they are going to hurt themselves in anyway or hurt somebody else or if they are being abused in anyway.” In those instances she is required to protect the student and others.

Junior Helen Innes explained, “I think that Xavier students are under a lot of pressure especially from parents to get into college. It’s good to talk to someone about this who understands what we are going through and it can be relieving to students.” Since girls at Xavier face academic and social challenges everyday, students should be aware of Mrs. Ryan because she is at Xavier to help girls in their four years of high school and assist them with any problems they may face.