Moving up day mass


New Jerusalem Studios

Ruth Stricklin’s “The River of Life” painting for Xavier College Preparatory

Erika Kotlarz, Class Writer

The “Moving Up Day Mass” is an event at Xavier that happens every year. It is a Mass where each class moves to their new respective Mass seat in the AC. For example, the freshman will sit where the sophomores would sit, and the sophomores sit where the juniors sit. The seniors sit in the middle of the gym so they can be honored at the end of Mass. Senior Alexia Knapp said, “The moving up day Mass is always a good experience for all the classes, and it gives each class a feel of where they will be sitting at Mass during their next year at Xavier.”

This Mass is to show the different grades at Xavier what it feels like to move up a grade for one day. It is also an opportunity to say goodbye to the seniors. During the Mass the seniors names are all read aloud and each senior is given a commemorative pamphlet of the mural that hangs during Mass. Freshman Isabella Stenzel said, “This was my first moving up day Mass and I think it was a nice event put on by Xavier to say goodbye to the seniors and for the other classes to move up a year for one day.”