Xavier responds to #Red for Ed

Annabelle Goettl and Abbey Alexander

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Arizona teachers walked out of their schools on April 26, demanding more funding for public education, and picketed for six days. According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Arizona teachers are among the lowest paid in the nation.  Adjusted for local cost of living, federal figures show elementary teachers actually rank 49th in earnings and high school teachers 48th.

A list of demands from Arizona’s educators included:

-Freeze tax cuts until student spending reaches the national average. The National Education Association reports Arizona spends $8,296 per pupil, compared to $12,572 nationally.

-Yearly raises until salaries reach the national average and competitive pay for staff.

-Return funding for education to ‘pre-recession’ levels.

-Drive down class sizes to a 23:1 ratio.

Although Xavier wasn’t part of the Arizona teacher strike because of its status as a private school, students and teachers were still effected by the event. Our XPress reporters interviewed Xavier students and faculty to see just how much they were caught up in the #Red for Ed movement.