New Christian art showcased in Stark Gallery

Abbey Alexander '19

Abbey Alexander, Arts and Entertainment Editor

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Xavier’s campus, there are still a few quiet spots to take in the best parts of the school. Some may consider their favorite to be the library, the lawns, or maybe just their go-to table in Founders Hall. For the artist in all of us, however, we may find comfort and serenity tucked away on the far North East side of campus, in the Stark Gallery. Here one can find beautiful installations at nearly anytime of the year, sometimes even by Xavier students and faculty themselves.

The most recent art to find a home in the gallery is a collection by artist Henry Loe Schoebel, entitled “Holy Wound”. The religious art features bright and vivid, as well as muted and understated colors, in an abstract and creative depiction of a Christian story. On the walls of the Stark Gallery, you will find about a dozen different pieces, as well as his Schoebel’s artist statement, which explains his works, as well as provides a personal insight to the art.

Senior Sara Filler joined several other Xavier students at Schoebel’s presentation, listening to him explain and showcase his work. “Holy wound was extremely eye-opening to me,” Filler explains. “The Dark Night of the Soul painting really struck me, with its use of two palms paired with flies, thorns, pillars, and two black holes to illustrate the despair Jesus must have felt during his passion.”

Step inside the eyes of this magnificent artists by simply stepping inside the gallery itself. The Stark Gallery is open to all during the school week, and Xavier’s art community welcomes you!