XPress Yourself!


Sasha Krueger '19

Senior Lily Tierny expresses herself by writing for the XPress, among other things

Although many may think that XPress members exclusively love journalism, there is more than just a shared love for writing that makes them who they are. Every member of the publication has proved themself to be vastly unique and talented in their own ways. While some XPress girls find their true self through music, others do so with soccer, showing the wide range of hobbies and passions these talented ladies have. The XPress team can most simply be described as a group of people with unique interests, all sharing a love of journalism.

The XPress students at Xavier all show a special, different kind of interest in journalism. The girls enjoy learning about great new stories and covering them, too. Beyond this, Xavier students on XPress have unique characters that come from their hobbies outside of digging up fascinating stories.

When asked what makes her herself, Senior, Lily Tierney states “My dog makes me me because I always look forward to seeing him. I get so happy.” Junior, Alissa Celaya says, “I express myself through Vines. My favorite one is ‘If Your Name is Junior!’” Although the major social media platform, Vine, was stopped in 2017, Alissa goes on YouTube to keep her love of Vines alive.

Ever since we were little, we experienced something that made us happy and something that we enjoyed to do. As we grow older, our passions do, too. Senior, Hannah Shulski says, “I express myself through music. I like taking pictures a lot, but mostly through music.”

Lastly, Senior, Kyla Ferry claims “I express myself through soccer! I enjoy playing the game I love with my friends on my team.” Even though everyone shares an interest of journalism, they still express themselves in other unique ways.