Would You Want Your Parents to Work at XCP?


Janet Miller

Shannon Donaldson with her daughter Katie

Would You Want Your Parents to Work at XCP?

We see them everywhere: teachers. Little do we know that some teachers have their daughters here, too! Shannon Donaldson,  Sophomore Honors English teacher, has her daughter Senior Katie Donaldson at XCP. Likewise, Elizabeth Galbreath,  Junior AP English teacher, has her daughter Junior Meghan Galbreath here. Seeing the perspectives from both sides, from students whose parents work here and from those whose parents don’t, helps us see the Xavier community through a whole new perspective.

Senior Katie Donaldson’s mom has worked at Xavier all throughout Katie’s high school years, which meant it was something new for Katie to experience. The girls that don’t have parents here would definitely feel strange at first, similarly to Katie, because that is not the life that they have grown used to living. Katie Donaldson had this to say: “Freshman year it was strange but I like it now. It is nice to have her nearby if I need help or I am in trouble. Also it is nice to ask for money and not having to drive all the time. She is much nicer here but I am, too.” Katie Donaldson has gotten accustomed to what it was like to have her mom work here and overall she enjoys it.

The girls at Xavier all have their own opinions as to whether or not they would want their parents to work here as well as if they enjoy having them work here at Xavier. The students interviewed that do not have parents working at Xavier had their own opinions. Sophomore Sattu Samura states, “I would be weirded out [to have my parents work here] because I feel like my mom would be all up in my business and it would be chaotic!” However, when asked how she thought she would be treated differently, Samura said, “I feel like [my mom] would be neutral towards me but at the same time a little more strict.” On the other hand, Senior Yacinta Irazoke voiced, “To be honest I would like it. I love my mom and if she was a teacher here I feel like she would make everything better. I would go to her for food and stuff. If it was both of my parents though, I would feel trapped and I would ask to switch schools!” On how she would been treated, Irazoke exclaims, “I feel like my parents would treat my like any other student. They wouldn’t give me more attention than others – they’d probably roast me. Once school is over it would probably be like any other day at home.”

The young ladies at Xavier have their own viewpoints as to whether they would like their parents to work at XCP. Some girls are completely for the idea and others are not so interested. At the end of the day, people have their own opinions are happy with how life is going for them now. Would you want your parents to work at XCP?