All the Dos and Don’ts of Fall


Alissa Celaya

A road in Sedona that expresses the fall season with the yellow colored leaves

Alissa Celaya, Class Writer

The first day of fall has arrived. This fall has brought a quick change in weather, causing sweater weather to approach faster. Arizona may not have a visible fall season but there are still many activities to get involved in. So get your Pumpkin Spice Latte and put on those UGG boots for fall is about to move into full swing as you learn the dos and don’ts of this season.

The do’s of this year would have to be plaid, knit sweaters, and suede. The 80s/90s fashion is be resurrected with the coming fall fashion. As a fashion statement you could wear a plaid blazer over a knit sweater with suede pants. Knit sweater would have to be a warm color to be a do of fall because they can keep you warm and go with the season. Suede is an iconic fashion fabric that not a lot of people could pull off with anything.

The don’ts of this fall fashion would have to big bubble jackets, fur, and combat boots. The bubble jackets can be unflattering on every body type and they are overworn and do not go with the fall vibe. Fur is also a fashion killer because it has been over worn by too many people over the years. Combat boots should just be left in the early two thousands along with MySpace.

Junior Athena Arroyo states “Fall fashion is important because you never want to look out of style!”

Arizona’s dos and don’ts of fall activities are a great things to do with a date or with friends! The dos of the fall activities consist of spooky attractions, parks, and mountain lookouts. Spooky attraction would be ghost tours, Fear Farm and corn mazes; these are good because you can go with big groups of people. Parks are a perk of fall because the Arizona weather is cooling down, which allows more people to participate in activities outside of their homes. Mountain lookouts are more of local things to do because not many people know of these sights, leaving the area excluded with beautiful view. The don’ts of fall would be the fair, gardening, and dieting. The fair is overrated, overcrowded, dirty and there are many young children running around. Gardening is not a good activity to do in the fall because everything is starting to die and change its colors as we draw closer to winter. Dieting is also a not a very good idea for this fall season because the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, are approaching quickly and they involve eating a lot of food.

Junior Grea Fischer says “The thing I am most excited for this fall is going to many events in Arizona”