Haunted houses in Arizona


Courtesy of Hannah Zubriggen ‘20.

Hannah Zurbriggen ‘20 visited Fear Farm this Oct. and encountered two actors, dressed as a clown and a zombie, who scare guests at Fear Farm’s abandoned town in Phoenix. The actors are part of the popular Undead and Slaughterhouse attractions.

Caroline Hink, Sports and Fitness Editor

As soon as Oct. 1 hits each year, new haunted houses and other Halloween related attractions seem to pop up all over the valley. These festive attractions are relatively inexpensive, fun, and a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween. While some enjoy going to a pumpkin patch or finding their way through a corn maze, others prefer haunted houses for the frights and thrill of unexpected scares.


With so many haunted houses around the valley, both new and old, it can be hard to differentiate between them all. Fear Farm in West Phoenix is one of the most popular haunted houses. Fear Farm features six different haunted houses and some of the most popular are the Phoenix Haunted Hayride and the Slaughterhouse. Fear Farm also features a creepy corn maze that is full of clowns that will chase you around. Junior Hannah Zurbriggen has gone to Fear Farm more times than she can count and says “I like going to Fear Farm because it’s fun, exciting, and I get scared every time I go.”  In addition to Fear Farm, 13th Floor in North Phoenix is another favorite of many Xavier girls. It features two haunted houses: In The Shadows and The Possession. Be prepared for jump scares and endless screaming if you choose to go to 13th Floor, as that is what they are known for.


While some Xavier girls love the thrill of haunted houses, Junior Caroline Wichterman says, “I don’t like people jumping out at me unexpectedly, but I [do] like going to horror movies better because [nothing] psychically jumps out.” Horror movies are another way to get a little scared if you don’t like haunted houses. Many new horror movies are coming to theatres this Halloween such as Suspiria, The School, and Killer Kate!. If none of these movies are quite your speed, Netflix has a wide variety of older Halloween movies with varying levels of scare.


With Halloween season in full swing, there are a plethora of things to do around the valley and right in your own home. From haunted houses to horror movies, this Halloween is sure to be spooky and loads of fun!