Brophy’s Fine Arts Extravaganza


Abbey Alexander '19

The Fine Arts Extravaganza poster hanging at Brophy during the week leading up to Nov. 20. FAE showcases talents from both Xavier and Brophy artists

Abbey Alexander, Arts and Entertainment Editor

One could say there’s something warmly sentimental about the month of November. The feelings of the holiday season are slowly creeping in, there is a sense of excitement as the weather finally turns to a slight chill, and upcoming breaks from school are looming on the horizon. It’s surely a time cherished by many. One week in particular, Thanksgiving break, is a favorite amongst Xavier and Brophy students for obvious reasons. Some could say this fondness has to do with the three days off from school, a gift to students, while others may attribute it to the excitement that comes with college friends returning home for the first time since August, or, of course, the famous turkey dinner we all look forward to every year.. Many, however, can agree that the overall excitement of this week and all its festivities can be seen wrapped up into one single night on Nov. 20: Brophy’s Fine Arts Extravaganza, or FAE.  

For one night each year, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, all of Xavier and Brophy joins together to celebrate and highlight the talents and achievements of the young artists in the Xavier/Brophy community. Actors, photographers, singers, dancers, artists and poets alike are given the opportunity to showcase their talents in an open forum and all are welcome to join and support. This year, performances from Brophy’s fall play Romeo and Juliet, Brophy’s mass band, as well as various student bands are just a few of the main attractions that can be enjoyed on this November evening. Brophy Senior Camden Andl says he’s most excited for the mass band’s performance, which he will be a part of, as he thinks “everyone is really going to love the selection of songs this year!” Andl performed at the extravaganza last year with his band “The La Croix Boys,” and will also be joining several other members of Romeo and Juliet– which he plays Mercutio in- to advertise the show with a short performance.

Last year, FAE featured performances by Xavier dance classes, student band performances, poetry readings, as well as various galleries of student’s art. With multiple different events going on at all times during the night, every student or family member is sure to find something to do on the Brophy campus! In addition, FAE falls on the week of Thanksgiving break, meaning many family members and Xavier/Brophy alumni home from college are able to join in on the festivities, making the evening even more enjoyable.

As the campus is lit up with music, art, and joy, the holiday spirit shines through the Xavier/Brophy community in a most festive way.

To experience this wonderful tradition for yourself, plan on a trip to Brophy on Tuesday, Nov. 20, for a truly magical night of art and celebration.